Urban park planning: ideas and inspirations with A-LINEA range

The A-LINEA range street furniture offers exemplary modularity for the development of urban parks. Indeed, these public spaces must be equipped with urban furniture to welcome walkers and visitors who come to enjoy a spot of greenery. Firstly, urban parks must install several seats such as benches, backless benches or chairs to allow passers-by to take a comfortable break. Secondly, it is important to ensure cleanliness with litter bins along the paths of the park, for example. The design of an urban park also means safety, so it may be necessary to install barriers or bollards at pedestrian entrances. Finally, a public park also has an aesthetic function. The A-LINEA range has all the necessary qualities for this.

With A-LINEA, modulate your desires in green spaces

The products from A-LINEA range offer unique and robust curves.

Create a gathering space in the park around the circular table. At the same time, standing seats are combined to invite discussion. This steel structure with wooden slat seats promises solidity and modernity. Finally, complete the arrangement with an Extravase flower pot in the centre of the table. It provides an aesthetic and original flowering touch.

Further on, invite users to relax with the A-LINEA modular benches. We offer you several sizes to adapt to the density of your space. Choose a single or double backless bench. Once again, the Extravase flower pots complete the design. The latter offers privacy on these shared benches. In addition, you can choose among 17 colours for our recyclable polyethylene pots. Also, the floral and plant compositions set up are boosting biodiversity while brightening up the environment.

For new ideas to design urban parks, consult our A-LINEA urban gardens.

The products

Table – A-LINÉA

2.820,004.104,00 AT
The A-LINÉA range includes this steel table model with an optional recyclable plastic flower pot.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Extravase

84,00918,00 AT
Think big with the Extravase Flower pot, available in 6 sizes and 17 colours. To please your eyes, your plants and your landscape.
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Single backless bench – A-LINÉA

1.104,001.530,00 AT
In its range, A-LINÉA has the single steel backless bench model with an optional flower pot in recyclable polyethylene.
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Double backless bench – A-LINÉA

1.428,001.728,00 AT
Here is the A-LINÉA double backless bench model, delivered with optional flower pots, available in several colours.
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