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Street equipment for outdoor layouts

The street equipment has a vocation to serve. Whether it is for the users or the space, public or not, it has an undeniable functional connotation. Its goal? Simplifly users’ life by offering them convenient and concrete solutions. If ATECH, manufacturer of street furniture, is specialised in flowering furniture, it is logically that we offer a global solution to equip the outdoor layouts.

We are effectively aware of the need to have a visual consistency. It is then, with this in mind, that the street furniture was planned more extensively with other equipments. These ones have one point in common: their practicality. But that does not mean that we relegated aestheticism in the background. Quite the contrary! Our street equipment range includes products which ensure security and safety in a binary way. At the top of the list the tree grates and city barriers, which lead to public bins and cycle racks in a harmonious way.

Tree grates

The point of the tree grate is to protect effectively the tree, without denaturing it. Therefore, we have developed, in all of our ranges, a tree grate. Henceforth, there will be a visual continuity in the material as in the graphic design.

Cycle racks

The cycle racks gained a growing success and for good reason! To ride in the fresh air,  free of charge, while exercising generate a justified craze. Consequently, offering a solution to the users in order to receive and secure their bike is perceived in a very positive way.

Available in each of the developed urban equiment collections, it adapt to your spaces. Discrete, classic or original, our models have one common point: a rock solid robustness.


The bin is a public equipment absolutely necessary. The problem? This unsightly element must answer a lot of requirements whether it is for hygiene or security.

Hence, we think our models in order to answer your needs, while discreetly fitting to the landscape.

Bollards and posts

The bollards and posts have a real role to play in the public order. Representative and inseparable element of public space, it especially need to be robust. Moreover, they perfectly match with the other equiments which compose the outdoor landscape.

Our layout solutions being close to nature, this is directly impacting their design.

City barriers

When security meets plants, the ATECH city barriers arise. Indeed, we wanted to bring a vegetal element in order to fulfil two functions. The first one is to answer the space issue and to optimise it by bringing the flowering in this way. That being said, there also are some models without flowering, more traditional. The second one is the safety of the users.

Street equipments have, in a certain way, the function to embellish the space through utilitarian elements. Developed within different offered ranges, be sure to content users in an aesthetic way. In metal, they will accomplish their role perfectly, in a sustainable way.