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Bollard – ORIGAMI
300,00444,00 AT
The ORIGAMI bollard is offered in painted steel or stainless steel. This high-quality street furniture will know how to fit in the urban landscape.
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Origamic planter – ORIGAMI
1.812,004.836,00 AT
The ORIGAMI planter emerges from the range, atypical in all its details. Available in multiple materials.
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Public bin – ORIGAMI
912,001.176,00 AT
Ideal for urban setting, the ORIGAMI public bin will design and clean the city. Available in painted or stainless steel.
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Public bench – ORIGAMI
1.056,001.308,00 AT
The ORIGAMI public bench is a city-proof street furniture for every urban areas. Offered in bi-material it's up to you to choose its design.
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Backless bench – ORIGAMI
924,001.176,00 AT
The ORIGAMI backless bench is a city-proof street furniture. Made of stainless steel or painted steel and a wood seat.
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Anti-attack public bin – ORIGAMI
384,00504,00 AT
Discover the anti-attack public bin ORIGAMI, in painted or stainless steel, it is included with a bag holder for cleanliness.
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Steel tree grate – ORIGAMI
1.056,003.552,00 AT
Discover the ORIGAMI tree grate with its design. This street furniture in steel or stainless steel is available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.
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Public barrier – HEDERA
750,00822,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA security barrier with flowerbox and stainless steel ropes to green the public space.
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Treillis public barrier – ORIGAMI
744,00984,00 AT
Discover the ORIGAMI public barrier, available in painted steel or stainless steel. Ideal to secure the city and to green it.
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516,00540,00 AT
Choose among our HEDEA steel posts equipped with stainless steel ropes as floral support for more elegance in the urban space.
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Bollard – HEDERA
516,00540,00 AT
Discover the bollard from the HEDERA serie. Manufactured in steel and equipped with a stainless steel rope, it will green the urban space.
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Urban cycle rack – ORIGAMI
456,00660,00 AT
Choose the ORIGAMI cycle-rack in many colours, realized in painted steel or stainless steel. It fits in the whole urban space.
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Stainless steel standard and bespoke street furniture

Stainless steel street furniture is the reference in design. True classic, it is fundamental when we’re looking for an insensitive metal, or almost, to corrosion. This material is very contemporary with is silvered grey, recognizable among all. But that’s not all! Indeed, climatic elements are decisive is this metal choice.

Stainless steel is a classic steel composed with iron and carbon. Where it differs from traditional steel is in its properties which are resistant to corrosion. It is possible by adding 10.5% of chromium. Indeed, it creates a protective layer of chromium oxide, preventing it from rust.

In the way that stainless steel street furniture does not rust or does not oxidize, it is a ideal material in some environments. Thus, some need to have extremely resistant elements. Typically, it is in marine or mountain environment. Therefore, in order to guarantee equipments with an unaltered aesthetic, stainless steel is the only metal to consider.

Our stainless steel furniture is available in two finishes. Then, the mirror effect finish offer you a smooth version, silvered with a design and modern aspect. About the brushed finish version, it is very popular with this abrasive aspect due to an unilateral brushing. Bright or brushed? It’s up to you!

Stainless steel street furniture assets

Stainless steel shows many advantages but the main one is its resistance to corrosion. It generates an amazing lasting, all of that, with the robustness of classical steel. Insofar, along the lines of steel or corten, if you need an element which need to bear weight in an delicate environment: stainless steel is appropriate.

Moreover, this metal is also resitant to temperature variations and is incombustible. Yet, it just confirm the previous point.

It is also hygienic and without maintenance. Indeed, if you see “rust”, it is not stainless steel but some particles which deposited there and oxidize themselves. Then, you’ll juste need to remove marks, with a cloth for example.

Stainless steel street furniture drawbacks

The initial investment can be a disadvantage. Even if, regarding its lasting and the low maintenance, it pays for itself quickly.

Its true main drawback comes from its aspect. Indeed, it it so smooth that there is no place for marks. Then, micro-scratches can appear. Nevertheless, it is only true for the mirror effect finish.

If you know, beforehand, that outdoor furniture and street equipment will not be often used, it will not be an obstacle.

Finally, its style is paired with contemporary. Then it can be difficult to combine it with other materials, such as plastic.

Stainless steel is the ally for elements near the seaside or a swimming pool. Also ideal in mountain, it will know how to face the weather elements in a sustainable way. All of that, bringing a modern and incomparable touch. Thourgh our experiences, this material is especially made for areas where there is traffic. Typically, stainless stell handrails, in train stations or subways, are adequate. We work with stainless steel with folding, bending and welding process. This industrial technique requires thorough knowledge on the material and a certain know-how.

To know the details of other material for street furniture, we invite you to consult the developed characteristics on steel, aluminium, corten steel, zinc, wood and recycled plastic.