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Table – A-LINÉA
2.820,004.104,00 AT
The A-LINÉA range includes this steel table model with an optional recyclable plastic flower pot.
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Picnic table – Mosaïque
31.140,00 AT
Mosaïque offers a design solution for creating a space with plants. The LED lighting will make your space unique.
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Table – PASTEL
2.112,00 AT
The public table PASTEL is a colourful steel table ideal for your urban space: park or square.
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Urban table for outdoor layouts

At the table, we sit down there to eat, exchange, chat, drink a coffee, read or write. As part of an outdoor layout, the table settled in the public space has a usefulness that is no mor to prove. Indeed, it is a needed street furniture. Consequently, it must respect few criteria, in order to satisfy cities and users.

If we imagine a classic table, in wood, with integrated bench to eat a picnic, ATECH chose to offer you more contemporary models. Indeed, are models decline themselves in metal, coloured or not. About the shape, round or rectangular, it’s up to you!

Cities must offer tables for picnics or a rest. Therefore, it is necessary that they are simultenaously robust but especially convenient. With that in mind, metal appears as an ideal solution.

You wish to install a table in a park, a square, on a place or in any other public space? Our metal urban tables are ideal! Robust, resistant and adapted to urban environment, they will satisfy users.

Metal urban table for outdoor layouts

We have declined two models of metal urban tables. The first one is classic in its shape, as it looks like picnic tables, rectangular, in wood. Nevertheless, it is original in its material and its finishes. The seats, about them, are apart. Benches or chairs: you can choose the most adapted solution!

The second model is more original in essence. Indeed, round-shaped, it presents a big flower pots in its center. This two-in-one street furniture kind is really appreciated from cities! They allow, thus, to answer a double issue through one element. You also have the choice to install, or not, seats.

Painted steel, material in which we made the tables, have many advantages. The first one lies on a easy maintenance. Thus, unlike wood which can be marked by stains or hard to clean, metal allows to keep clean tables. Then, our tables have an incredible robustness. Yet, this is necessary to guarantee the users security but also the furniture sustainability.

We thought the urban equipment globally. Consequently, we developed complete ranges compose by all the street and greening furniture. The challenge is double: offer you products answering your need, with a visual and aesthetical consistency.

In these various ranges you’ll find benches and backless benches, chairs and standing seats. Urban gardens, flowerboxes and suspensions, flowering columns, orangery planters and flower pots also present an aesthetical coherence, but through other elements like the material or the colours. Finally, keep in mind our bespoke range, for an outdoor layout to your image, uncompromising.