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Urban garden – Olympe
18.468,00100.416,00 AT
Choose Olympe, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is ideal to create freshness islands.
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Urban garden – Contrario
11.520,00 AT
Discover the Contrario urban garden with shade, available with shade sail or plant shade.
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Urban Garden – Sustineo
1.944,003.216,00 AT
Discover the Sustineo range, a modular urban garden that adapts to all types of space. It can be fitted with a range of options: shade and panels. There's also a flower box.
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Urban garden – Prisme
3.036,0035.604,00 AT
Choose Prisme, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is the ideal way to create freshness islands.
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Urban garden – A-LINÉA
1.212,006.138,00 AT
The A-LINÉA modular backless bench is made of steel which guarantees its stenght and quality, and optional recyclable flower pots.
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Urban garden – Oasis
6.084,0017.244,00 AT
Oasis is an ideal street furniture, equally in the botanical aspect than its usefulness with its laminated wodd seats.
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Urban garden – SQUARE
2.784,0019.656,00 AT
Choose SQUARE, one of our many mobile gardens among our urban furniture models. It adapts to all your urban plannings needs.
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Urban garden – C-NATURA
2.844,0016.566,00 AT
Here is the urban garden from the C-NATURA range. In painted steel or corten steel, it is design and useful because it is without basis.
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Urban Garden – HEDERA
6.492,00 AT
Movable steel planter and laminated wood seat. Equipped with a hollow floor for fork-lifts.
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Urban garden – Mosaïque
4.464,006.144,00 AT
Here is the Mosaïque urban garden. Atypical, it adapts perfectly to the urban environment
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Urban garden – FreshCity
7.656,0047.376,00 AT
Choose FreshCity, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood from recycling, it will allow you to create islands of coolness.
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Planter with seat for outdoor layouts

The urban garden or planter with seat is a true emblem of our two-in-one furniture and of the saying “join the useful for the pleasant”. Our range could be related to planters with seat, but not just any! Playing on colours and materials, you have true freshness islands to embellish public spaces in a modern and design way and to bring Nature in the city.

Thefore you offer to the users a relaxing space, through the seat, and of wellness, through plants in the planter. This atypical outdoor furniture is creating a micro urban garden very appreciated and appreciable.

ATECH developed a complete range of equipment composed of benches and backless benches, chairs and standing seats, planters, and flower pots. For our planters with seat models, imagine the merger of these various elements to only form one and only structure.

Thus, many models have been developed in order to allow you the choice in the various elements. For example, you have th choice of the seat (bench, backless bench, chair) but also of the container for plants. You also have the choice of the size of your elements. Insofar, small or big, single or cumulated, it is possible to entirely imagine the greening of the public space with that solution with the aim of refreshing the city.

But these are not the only possibilities! Indeed, according to the selected model, you have the choice of a single or multiple planter, with innovative shapes.

Metal planters with seat

The acquired and developed know-how through decades allow us to position ourselves as metal flowering furniture specialist. It is then naturally and logically that we realize our planters with seat in metal. This latter has been previously treated against corrosion and hot-lacquered. This consists in painting it with a particularr process. In other words, the painting, in a powder form is sprayed and fired in an oven. Consequently you have a protected product and aesthetically lasting.

About the seats, they are in wood or in metal. Wood, exotic or laminated, according to the model, brings a warm touch. The materials mixing is very interesting visually speaking.

With that product, is ideal is to put plant at the heart of the furniture. Then, around it, in a linear or curved way, on a side or on the other, are situated the seats. The containers are large-sized and inted to welcome big plants or arrangements.

To perfect the greening of spaces and the creation of freshness islands, we offer other solutions like orangery planters. Besides, you can complete your public space layouts with our tables models. Regarding the substitutes to planters and flower pots, our flowerboxes and suspensions, and flowering columns can answer your needs.