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Public treillis barrier – HEDERA
666,00816,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA public barrier with its treillis and its included recyclable polypropylene flowerbox.
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Public treillis barrier – A-LINÉA
666,00816,00 AT
Choose the A-LINÉA public barrier with its treillis and integrated flowerbox for a green public space.
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Public barrier – HEDERA
750,00822,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA security barrier with flowerbox and stainless steel ropes to green the public space.
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Public barrier – PASTEL
744,00816,00 AT
New coloured asset in the urban space, the PASTEL steel public barrier, ideal to flower public spaces.
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Public barrier – SQUARE
744,00816,00 AT
The SQUARE public barrier is a street furniture in painted steel and recyclable plastic. For a more dynamic city, choose the two-tone colour.
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Public treillis barrier – DUALIS
666,00816,00 AT
Choose the DUALIS urban barrier, with steel treillis avec included flowerbox for a flowering design of the public space.
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Public treillis barrier – C-NATURA
666,00816,00 AT
The C-NATURA security barrier with treillis connects security and aesthetism thanks to its integrated flowerbox.
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Treillis public barrier – ORIGAMI
744,00984,00 AT
Discover the ORIGAMI public barrier, available in painted steel or stainless steel. Ideal to secure the city and to green it.
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Public barrier – C-NATURA
432,00600,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA urban barrier in stabilizated corten steel. Available in several materials, it will fit in the urban space.
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Public barrier with square posts – SYNERGIE
204,00228,00 AT
Discover the security barrier with square posts from the range SYNERGIE. Equipped with square posts, it is available in several colours.
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Public barrier with round posts – SYNERGIE
300,00324,00 AT
Discover the SYNERGIE public barrier in painted steel with round posts. Classical, it matches with these posts.
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City barriers for outdoor layouts

City barriers, as part an outdoor layout, have the leading role. Settled everywhere, they are an integral part of the urban landscape in the same way as bins or bollards and posts.

Usually aligned to the roadway along the pavements, they also can be settled on places or on pedestrian areas. Indeed, the goal of this street equipment is to protect and delineate. In other words, it ensures the security of the users. Whether it is through a markup or to avoid the danger of the traffic routes.

Their positioning must respect certain standards, as their height. Thus, these elements are beforehead defined in regulations like decrees.

With this in mind, we must be aware that the function of visual boundaries on an area necessarily involves the visibility of the equipments. Yet, to ensure this function, it is needed to offer a city barrier visually detectable. In other words, it must contrast with the environment where it is.

ATECH developed various city barriers models.  In this way, you have the choice between diverse styles and designs. Our differentiation? The possible integration of removable flowerboxes, therefore changing the barrier in flowering furniture.

Steel city barrier with removable flowerbox

We took the side to conceive metal barriers as well as a model combining bamboo and corten steel. Our models are intented to be design, modern and original all at once. That being said, we also have a classical model with the traditionnal cross pattern or the transversal bar.

One of the selection criterion being aesthetical, we wanted to offer models with various styles.

Then, the choice is made according to what you want, or not, a discreet or original element. On the contrary, we can consider the street equipment at the service of the city. In other words, a strong marker of its identity.

Our models can be declined with a classical drawing or with original and elegant cuts. This cut work is realized in our factory with a laser. Consequently, it is a customizable element. These ones are a better match with urban layouts with a marked style.

Available with an integrated flowerbox, you also have the choice to add them later on. Indeed, the flowerbox is removable, this allowing to remove it along with the seasons, for example. In recycled plastic, this element allows you to choose at which moment the barrier turns itself into flowering furniture.

Our barrier models settle down in the ground by embeding system, by sleeve or on base plate.

The barriers being next to the traffic routes, the metal impose itself by its robustness qualities. Durable and resistant, our city barriers contribute to value the public life.

For an harmonious choice, we can offer you other matched equipments. Indeed, developed under complete ranges, you will find, for example tree grates, cycle racks.