Eco-district design: ideas and inspirations with HEDERA range

The eco-district is designed with sustainable development in mind. Thus, its development must follow the same principles. To this end, the HEDERA range adapts and integrates plants into the heart of the elements. Indeed, we must keep in mind that plants have a function of cooling the cities. Similarly, the equipment must encourage recycling and soft ways of travel.

Greening the city thanks to an eco-district design

It is sometimes complicated to integrate vegetation into public spaces. In response to this problem, the HEDERA range merges with nature, which becomes an integral part of street furniture. On the one hand, in the classic way, opt for large planters where all types of plants and shrubs can grow. On the other hand, in a more original way, some HEDERA products are equipped with a plant container and supports for climbing plants. As a result, plants can be integrated into equipments such as litter bins, barriers or bollards. The installation of such elements will make your neighbourhood look greener.

Promoting sustainable ways of living

Moreover, the eco-district also answers to a new way of life. This can be described as calmer, softer, cleaner; in short, more sustainable. To this end, there will be an increase in the number of relaxing spaces. Then, benches, backless benches and standing seats in the HEDERA range offer moments of relaxation in the city. All of this is achieved by combining the comfort of laminated wooden seats with the freshness of plants. In the same way, non-polluting transport is favoured, such as cycling. HEDERA cycle racks therefore meet this need by combining practicality, safety and aesthetic. Finally, the litter bins will ensure cleanliness and waste sorting within the eco-district.

To complete your eco-neighbourhood layout, install a real green area with the HEDERA urban garden.

The products

Backless bench – HEDERA

1.992,003.180,00 AT
Here is HEDERA, public backless bench with a steel planter. With a planting liner and a wood seat, it is a valued street furniture piece.
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Truncated and pyramid shaped planter – HEDERA

1.350,003.336,00 AT
More than an innovative and atypical shae, the truncated and pyramid shaped planter HEDERA is a relevant solution of street furniture.
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Public bin – HEDERA

1.296,00 AT
Choose the steel bin HEDERA for your urban space, with flowering and planting liner. Ashtray option on request.
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Urban cycle rack – HEDERA

552,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA steel cycle-rack, with flowering to design urban space. It is available in several sizes.
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