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Urban cycle rack – SQUARE
276,00348,00 AT
Discover the SQUARE cycle rack. Made of steel, many colours are available with this model, to embed or on base plate.
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Urban cycle rack – C-NATURA
528,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA cycle-rack in stabilizated corten steel, for more durability and design in the urban space.
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Urban cycle rack – HEDERA
552,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA steel cycle-rack, with flowering to design urban space. It is available in several sizes.
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Urban cycle rack – PASTEL
270,00306,00 AT
Choose our multicoloured cycle-rack from the range PASTEL. Coloured and available in self-coloured or two-tone, it guarantees aesthetism in the city.
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Urban cycle rack – SYNERGIE
151,20163,20 AT
The SYNERGIE cycle-rack is a painted steel product perfectly made for the city. It is available in 39 standard colours.
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Urban cycle rack – DUALIS
276,00348,00 AT
Choose the DUALIS steel cycle-rack, ideal for urban space. A useful product for a green city.
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Urban cycle rack – ORIGAMI
456,00660,00 AT
Choose the ORIGAMI cycle-rack in many colours, realized in painted steel or stainless steel. It fits in the whole urban space.
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Urban cycle rack – A-LINÉA
360,00432,00 AT
Discover the A-LINÉA steel designed cycle rack avalaible in many colours. This product is made of steel with anti-corrosion treatment.
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Cycle rack for outdoor layouts

In a urban environment, there are various means of transportation. But one them which stands out in recent years and its success won’t fail, it is the bike. Indeed, it is a free transport vehicle, once the first investment is made, clean, energetically speaking, it also contributes remain us in shape. Then is it this justified success which legitimates the street furniture cycle racks installation. As a city, it should be noted to be able to answer the users needs. Yet, one of their need is to let their bike in peace of mind, in order to use it.

We are aware of what slow an inhabitant to take his bike can be :

  • The fear of a robbery
  • The impossibility to store it

Yet, these two main issues are resolved thanks to this equipment. As a matter of consequence, the rack should allow all at one to park bikes, but also to easily install an anti-theft system. The other component remains the cycle racks convenience. Actually, who has never been in front of unreachable posts with disorderly parked bikes?

Thus, the cycle rack must answer the parking and protection needs, while being convenient and reachable. Cities have many interests to normalise bike. This transportation way implies less polluion, less noise, less serious accidents. It is full of softness and serenity that must be encouraged. This can be done with the bicycle paths but also with the street equipment embodied by these cycle racks.

Metal cycle rack for city

Declined in each of our ranges, our cycle rack models adapt to public spaces. Indeed, we wanted design and discreet models to not denature the landscape.

Besides different heights and colours, you also have several shaps at your disposal. From the classical to the original, you will find the ideal model!

In addition, we took part to offer you a two-in-one street furniture cycle rack model because it offers, more than its original function, a flowering system.

Metal specialist, we tended to chooose steel, stainless steel or corten steel to create our models. The choice of the latter is made according to several criteria. The first remains in their properties, the second in the desired style. Furthermore, the steel is painted from hot-lacquered process. Indeed, we must keep in mind that this street furniture category is highly challenged. Between bikes and locks rubs, the equipment must have an exemplary resilience and robustness to last in time. Yet, it is exactly metal properties.

We offer multiple styles, from classic to modern, from elegant to original. Besides, you will also have the possibility to set a whole layout of your urban space. Indeed, we have developed ranges offering several equipments such as tree grates, bins, bollards and posts, not forgetting barriers.