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Public bench – SYNERGIE

488,40926,40 AT
Choose the public bench SYNERGIE in steel, the simplicity to landscape your urban space. Available with 6 seat finishes.
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Backless bench – SYNERGIE

374,40696,00 AT
Discover our SYNERGIE public backless bench, the simplicity to landscape urban space. Available in 39 colours and 6 seat finishes.
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Public bin – SYNERGIE

487,20 AT
Choose the SYNERGIE public bin in painted steel, with bag holder and ashtray. It fits perfectly in urban space.
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Public barrier with square posts – SYNERGIE

204,00228,00 AT
Discover the security barrier with square posts from the range SYNERGIE. Equipped with square posts, it is available in several colours.
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Public barrier with round posts – SYNERGIE

300,00324,00 AT
Discover the SYNERGIE public barrier in painted steel with round posts. Classical, it matches with these posts.
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Bowl top cap bollard – SYNERGIE

91,20108,00 AT
Choose the SYNERGIE bowl top cap bollard, to embed, on base plate or by sleeve and available in PRM version. A classic!
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Gorge top cap bollard – SYNERGIE

91,20115,20 AT
The gorge top cap bollard SYNERGIE is made of painted steel. Available in 3 colours, it fits ideally in the urban space.
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Convex top cap bollard – SYNERGIE

57,6099,60 AT
Choose the SYNERGIE convex top cap bollards in steel, available in PRM version. The fixingis to embed, on base plate or by sleeve.
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Urban cycle rack – SYNERGIE

151,20163,20 AT
The SYNERGIE cycle-rack is a painted steel product perfectly made for the city. It is available in 39 standard colours.
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