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Standing seat – HEDERA
1.476,00 AT
Discover our urban standing-seat HEDERA with possibility of flowering and equipped of a wood seat for an elegant touch.
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Standing seat – A-LINÉA
708,00 AT
Discover A-LINÉA, a standing-seat with a high-qualité design. This street furniture perfectly fits in the city set.
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Urban chair – PASTEL
780,00 AT
The PASTEL chair reflects the other products of the range: colourful, comfortable and quality guaranteed. To use as an outside saloon or isolated.
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Urban chair – SQUARE
708,00 AT
Choose the SQUARE chair to set up urban space in an isolated or an outdoor saloon way. It is design and elegant.
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Urban chairs and standing-seats for outdoor layouts

Through street furniture, we offer you many seats choices. Between benches and backless benches which offer a solution for several seats, chairs and standing-seats are a completely different option. With our urban chairs, we bring a precise answer to certain layouts. Indeed, whether it is chairs in a park or to admire nature. Whether it is to install them around a picnic table or else, under shelters, chairs are adapted solutions.

Furthermore, the “outdoor saloon”, in the city, has more and more appealing. We are looking for these convivial moments, without letting comfort down. Standing-seats, about them, have a different function. It is, indeed, in most cases, to offer a seating solution during services we need to wait for. Typically, when we wait for public transports. In these two cases, the idea is to bring comfort to inhabitants.

Chairs function is then to allow users to enjoy the space where they are. Its impact is big because it affects the comfortable look, or not, of a space.

If our chairs and steading-seats are in metal, we also have a model made from two materials. It is a standing-seat with wood for the seat and hot-lacquered steel for the structure.

Urban chairs and standing seats for outdoor layouts

We realize our urban chairs in metal. Worked and coloured, they meet a great success alongside users! With a high resistance, steel is a great ally for this kind of street equipment.

Modern, they are part of a wider range in which you can find tables or benches and backless benches. To realize a urban chair, we use several process. Indeed, the folding and laser cut allow us to offer you a high-quality product. But, also, an original one! What is more, the laser cut is one of the customizable element.

Regarding standing-seats, we find out the same excellence criteria and this wish to stand out. Insofar, the design is contemporary and modern. The steel structure causes great robustness. The hot-lacquered treatment, allows an incredible lasting, without needed maintenance.

Furthermore, one of our models distinguishes itself by its particular shape. In order to optimize each component, the structure of the standing-seat hosts plants. You will have a different and valued approach. Indeed, the two-in-one street furniture allows to optimize spaces, sometimes limited. Then, it can be a great alternative.

To perfect your layout or to complete it, we offer added greening elements. In the way that seats allow to enjoy its environment,

Pour parfaire votre aménagement ou le compléter, nous proposons des éléments de végétalisations complémentaires. Dans la mesure où les assises permettent de profiter de son environnement, orangery planters, planters, flower pots, flowerboxes and suspensions, or else flowering columns, will integrate easily! The urban gardens, about them, can offer a global solution. Indeed, we offer equipments combining plants and seats.