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Conical planter – A-LINÉA

1.290,004.164,00 AT
Here is the A-LINEA planter, ideal for floral design. Made of a steel cone, it will please the city with its colourful touch.

Urban garden – A-LINÉA

1.212,006.138,00 AT
The A-LINÉA modular backless bench is made of steel which guarantees its stenght and quality, and optional recyclable flower pots.

Circular backless bench – A-LINÉA

2.544,003.468,00 AT
Crossover between public bench and flower pot, the circular backless bench A-LINÉA is made of steel and recyclable plastic from the optional flower pot.

Table – A-LINÉA

2.820,004.104,00 AT
The A-LINÉA range includes this steel table model with an optional recyclable plastic flower pot.

Single backless bench – A-LINÉA

1.104,001.530,00 AT
In its range, A-LINÉA has the single steel backless bench model with an optional flower pot in recyclable polyethylene.

Double backless bench – A-LINÉA

1.428,001.728,00 AT
Here is the A-LINÉA double backless bench model, delivered with optional flower pots, available in several colours.

Standing seat – A-LINÉA

708,00 AT
Discover A-LINÉA, a standing-seat with a high-qualité design. This street furniture perfectly fits in the city set.

Public bin – A-LINÉA

636,00 AT
The A-LINÉA public bin is a design street furniture. Adorned with a beautiful pattern, it is done in painted steel (colours of your choice).

Steel tree grate – A-LINÉA

1.140,002.820,00 AT
The A-LINÉA tree grate is made of steel with decorative cuts. It is available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.

Public treillis barrier – A-LINÉA

666,00816,00 AT
Choose the A-LINÉA public barrier with its treillis and integrated flowerbox for a green public space.

Bollard – A-LINÉA

252,00360,00 AT
Between design, robustness and quality, the A-LINÉA bollard is made of painted steel. Available in many colours.

Urban cycle rack – A-LINÉA

360,00432,00 AT
Discover the A-LINÉA steel designed cycle rack avalaible in many colours. This product is made of steel with anti-corrosion treatment.