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Cube-shaped planter – Cube
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A bit of flower culture in the city? Discover Cube, a cube-shaped planter, as its name suggests, to stay in linear forms, fitted with its planting liner and adjustable feet accessories.
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Zinc standard and bespoke street furniture

The particularity of this material lies in its double use. Indeed, as any metal, we can totally create zinc street furniture thanks to our know-how: folding, bending and welding. With that in mind, it is also used in the anti-corrosion protection, in the steel galvanizing process. Then, it teaches us a lot on its resistance to its alteration.

Zinc is a natural element, present on earth’s crust, and is literally surrunding us. Essential, is recycle itself infinately, like aluminium. In fact, zinc is a main element of sustainable development sector.

Regarding the visual aspect, it is a bright and grey metal, but tinted with blue shades. Useful is the galvanization process, we also use it to conceive our street furniture. Indeed this heavy metal is malleable at a high temperature. Yet, its properties are a strong ally, whether it is for furniture for outdoor layouts or street equipments like barriers for example.

We offer our zinc equipments with a pre-patinated finish. Insofar, your furniture will be blue-grey, and not silvered like stainless steel can be.

Zinc fits with many elements. Aesthetic is not as marked such as materials like corten steel for instance. Therefore, it goes on perfectly with natural elements like wood or recycled plastic.

Zinc street furniture assets

The main asset of zinc is its resistance to corrosion. It’s why it is used for roof-coverings, for example. Choose zinc street furniture, it’s the guarantee of an immutable aspect.

The second important point is that it enrols in a true environmental approach. Sustainable resource, recyclable and non-polluting, it is an important asset for urban projects.

In other words, zinc satisfies environmental criteria, cumulating quality standards. Watertight, there is no maintenance to provide.

Zinc street furniture drawbacks

First of all, its cost can be a disadvantage. Still, its exceptional sustainability makes it a profitable investment.

Also take note that we can’t make zinc tubes. It is a limit that is appropriate to precise.

Its aesthetical aspect can also puzzled, in the way that it has no main marker. Indeed, it not design as stainless steel. It is also not available in several finishes like for steel, or visually impacting like corten steel.

Zinc has an essential role in our environment but also in industry. This metal with incredible assets enrols in an environmental approach. Indeed, protect zinc is proting sustainable development. Available abundantly, natural and recyclable, this metal got it all! Without forgetting its abilities to resist to corrosion. Therefore, our bespoke street furniture offer will allow you to consider zinc as a complementary element. Whether you choose it to compose the structure of one element or in its entirety, several possibilities can be considered. Indeed, do not hesistate to submit us different combinations and choose the materials which best correpond to your need. And that, in order to merge aesthetic with pratical, and practical with environment.

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