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Orangery planter – DUALIS

With the DUALIS orangery planter, adorn the urban space with beautiful trees and floral design. Available in several materials.

Orangery planter – DUALIS PASTEL

1.548,003.552,00 AT
With the DUALIS orangery planter, adorn the urban space with beautiful trees and floral design

Conical planter – PASTEL

1.560,004.392,00 AT
With the PASTEL planter, nothing's better than a warm and colourful touch in your urban space.

Public bench – PASTEL

1.704,001.836,00 AT
Here is the PASTEL public bench, colourful, it will brighten up your urban context, with its multicoloured slats. It is made of steel.

Public backless benches, PASTEL

1.272,00 AT
Choose colour with the PASTEL range and its backless bench made of steel with anti-corrosion treatment, compose of a seat with multicolour slats.

Urban chair – PASTEL

780,00 AT
The PASTEL chair reflects the other products of the range: colourful, comfortable and quality guaranteed. To use as an outside saloon or isolated.

Table – PASTEL

2.112,00 AT
The public table PASTEL is a colourful steel table ideal for your urban space: park or square.

Circular backless bench – PASTEL

3.036,003.492,00 AT
The PASTEL circular backless bench is an hybrid solution for your urban space. The seat provides place to put a tree or a flower pot in the middle.

Public bin – PASTEL

1.704,002.220,00 AT
Choose originality with the PASTEL public bin, in multicoloured steel, with bag holder or liner bucket.

Public barrier – PASTEL

744,00816,00 AT
New coloured asset in the urban space, the PASTEL steel public barrier, ideal to flower public spaces.

Bollard – PASTEL

228,00336,00 AT
The bollard from the PASTEL range is realized in steel and equipped with multicoloured slats. It will be perfect near a school.

Urban cycle rack – PASTEL

252,00276,00 AT
Choose our multicoloured cycle-rack from the range PASTEL. Coloured and available in self-coloured or two-tone, it guarantees aesthetism in the city.