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Backless bench – HEDERA

1.992,003.180,00 AT
Here is HEDERA, public backless bench with a steel planter. With a planting liner and a wood seat, it is a valued street furniture piece.
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Standing seat – HEDERA

1.476,00 AT
Discover our urban standing-seat HEDERA with possibility of flowering and equipped of a wood seat for an elegant touch.
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Public treillis barrier – HEDERA

666,00816,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA public barrier with its treillis and its included recyclable polypropylene flowerbox.
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Truncated and pyramid shaped planter – HEDERA

1.350,003.336,00 AT
More than an innovative and atypical shae, the truncated and pyramid shaped planter HEDERA is a relevant solution of street furniture.
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Public bench – HEDERA

2.148,00 AT
Discover HEDERA, public bench with a flowering possibility. The seat is offered in laminated wood for a bi-material design.
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Urban Garden – HEDERA

6.492,00 AT
Movable steel planter and laminated wood seat. Equipped with a hollow floor for fork-lifts.
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Public bin – HEDERA

1.296,00 AT
Choose the steel bin HEDERA for your urban space, with flowering and planting liner. Ashtray option on request.
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Steel tree grate – HEDERA

1.056,002.748,00 AT
Discover the tree grate with the HEDERA design. Available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses, it is made of steel and offers aestheticism, security.
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Public barrier – HEDERA

750,00822,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA security barrier with flowerbox and stainless steel ropes to green the public space.
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516,00540,00 AT
Choose among our HEDEA steel posts equipped with stainless steel ropes as floral support for more elegance in the urban space.
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Bollard – HEDERA

516,00540,00 AT
Discover the bollard from the HEDERA serie. Manufactured in steel and equipped with a stainless steel rope, it will green the urban space.
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Urban cycle rack – HEDERA

552,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA steel cycle-rack, with flowering to design urban space. It is available in several sizes.
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