Roadside design: ideas and inspiration with the PASTEL range

Landscaping the road and its surroundings must answer many challenges. These include safety, fluidity and aesthetics in keeping with the codes of the city. The PASTEL range and its many urban elements are offering safety functionality while bringing colour and cheerfulness to this highly mineralised space.

Designing roadsides with colour

The PASTEL range offers superimposed bands of colour in all its elements. This colourful touch, in keeping with the name of the range, brightens up the plain hot-lacquered steel and makes it more dynamic in the space. In addition, this effect can be easily seen from a distance and thus provides greater security. Indeed, PASTEL strips can be compared to the white paint found on PMR urban equipment. Therefore, thanks to the coloured bollards or barriers, the boundary between the road and the pedestrian area is better delimited. In addition, the standard colours of the PASTEL range (RAL 6019 / RAL 6034 / RAL 4005 / RAL 3015 / RAL 1034 / RAL 2012 / RAL 5024 / RAL 7024) can be customised. So you can choose the colours of your city.

Designing roadsides with flowers

PASTEL street furniture and equipment offer a flowering option to boost and green the city. On the one hand, this is the case with the barriers, which incorporate a Serie A flowerbox in their centre. On the other hand, the conical planter of the range can welcome flowers as well as large plantings. It is available in 5 standard sizes, ranging from a diameter of 600 mm to a diameter of 1400 mm.

Continue to customize your city, in colours and flowers, by landscaping your roadsides with the urban equipment of the PASTEL range.

The products

Conical planter – PASTEL

1.686,004.908,00 AT
With the PASTEL planter, nothing's better than a warm and colourful touch in your urban space.
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Urban chair – PASTEL

780,00 AT
The PASTEL chair reflects the other products of the range: colourful, comfortable and quality guaranteed. To use as an outside saloon or isolated.
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Public barrier – PASTEL

744,00816,00 AT
New coloured asset in the urban space, the PASTEL steel public barrier, ideal to flower public spaces.
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Bollard – PASTEL

228,00336,00 AT
The bollard from the PASTEL range is realized in steel and equipped with multicoloured slats. It will be perfect near a school.
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