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Bollard – ORIGAMI
300,00444,00 AT
The ORIGAMI bollard is offered in painted steel or stainless steel. This high-quality street furniture will know how to fit in the urban landscape.
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516,00540,00 AT
Choose among our HEDEA steel posts equipped with stainless steel ropes as floral support for more elegance in the urban space.
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Bollard – HEDERA
516,00540,00 AT
Discover the bollard from the HEDERA serie. Manufactured in steel and equipped with a stainless steel rope, it will green the urban space.
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Bollard – DUALIS
96,00204,00 AT
Discover the DUALIS bollard in painted steel and available in a PMR version. Classic, it will adapt to the urban environment.
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Bowl top cap bollard – SYNERGIE
91,20108,00 AT
Choose the SYNERGIE bowl top cap bollard, to embed, on base plate or by sleeve and available in PRM version. A classic!
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Gorge top cap bollard – SYNERGIE
91,20115,20 AT
The gorge top cap bollard SYNERGIE is made of painted steel. Available in 3 colours, it fits ideally in the urban space.
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Convex top cap bollard – SYNERGIE
57,6099,60 AT
Choose the SYNERGIE convex top cap bollards in steel, available in PRM version. The fixingis to embed, on base plate or by sleeve.
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Bollard – A-LINÉA
252,00360,00 AT
Between design, robustness and quality, the A-LINÉA bollard is made of painted steel. Available in many colours.
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Bollard – C-NATURA
216,00276,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA bollard in stabilizated corten steel and wood, to embed, on base plate or by sleeve. It will add nature in the city.
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Bollard – PASTEL
228,00336,00 AT
The bollard from the PASTEL range is realized in steel and equipped with multicoloured slats. It will be perfect near a school.
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Bollard – SQUARE
132,00204,00 AT
Discover the SQUARE bollard, an IPE structure, available in a atypical version of the PRM version. It will boost the urban space.
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Urban bollards and posts for outdoor layouts

Among the various street equipments needed to public life, the urban bollard and the post enrol as important element. Indeed, this is due to their function, distinctive, to delineate every space but, especially, to physically protect pedestrian. Urban bollards and urban posts are then elements which we can no longer do without them and are an integral part of the landscape.

We identify bollards and posts through their respective shapes and heights. While the bollard is high and thin, the post is more massive and smaller. Furthermore, a decree relative to accessibility standard defined their respective dimensions. In the way that they have a particular function, these equipments are submitted to a regulation which is just as much. Generally, the goal implies their visibility. It is then in this way that we have thought and conceived our product.

The played role by urban bollard and post is essential. Technically speaking, they help to distinguish and allow the readibility of public spaces. The aim is so to improve and ensure the proper use of routes. But not only! We effectively can see them everywhere (pavements, places, along the streets, etc.). By consequences, bollards also separate traffic lanes, protecting and delineating pedestrian zones. Moreover, they allow to control vehiclse access whatever they are.

There are two major categories of bollards and posts. According to thei function they are stationary or removable (to allow vehicles passages, like the ones from the municipality for example). In any event, the fixing system is made from embedding, by sleeve or on base plate.

Metal bollards and posts

We are aware of the importance of visual consistency. Indeed, it allow to better integrate with street furniture in public space. Insofar, for a visual coordination, it is appropriate to match with the remaining. With that in mind, each model is realized according to the design of a wider range. It contains, for example, tree grates, cycle racks, bins and barriers.

If several materials are possible, ATECH takes part of realized them in metal. Indeed, we value strenght and resistance to cope with shocks as essential. Painted steel, corten or stainless steel: you have the choice! Classical post form with bowl top cap, longilineal and design or else original and unexpected laser cut, you will fin what suits you. In terms of maintenance, of ageing and lifespan, that are precisely these materials which gather the needed requirements.

To choose the ideal model, here are some directions. First of all, the objective creteria allow to select the model according to the budget or the maintenance. It should also be noted to integrate the installation and the frequency of the bollards. The subjective criteria, more lie on tastes and the global design of the equipments. In conclusion, it is the completeness of these elements that should be considered to choose your model.