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Orangery planter – DUALIS
1.428,004.260,00 AT
With the DUALIS orangery planter, adorn the urban space with beautiful trees and floral design. Available in several materials.
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Public bench – PASTEL
1.704,001.836,00 AT
Here is the PASTEL public bench, colourful, it will brighten up your urban context, with its multicoloured slats. It is made of steel.
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Backless bench – HEDERA
1.992,003.180,00 AT
Here is HEDERA, public backless bench with a steel planter. With a planting liner and a wood seat, it is a valued street furniture piece.
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Bollard – ORIGAMI
300,00444,00 AT
The ORIGAMI bollard is offered in painted steel or stainless steel. This high-quality street furniture will know how to fit in the urban landscape.
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Table – A-LINÉA
2.820,004.104,00 AT
The A-LINÉA range includes this steel table model with an optional recyclable plastic flower pot.
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Standing seat – HEDERA
1.476,00 AT
Discover our urban standing-seat HEDERA with possibility of flowering and equipped of a wood seat for an elegant touch.
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Urban cycle rack – SQUARE
276,00348,00 AT
Discover the SQUARE cycle rack. Made of steel, many colours are available with this model, to embed or on base plate.
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Urban garden – Olympe
18.468,00100.416,00 AT
Choose Olympe, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is ideal to create freshness islands.
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Standing seat – A-LINÉA
708,00 AT
Discover A-LINÉA, a standing-seat with a high-qualité design. This street furniture perfectly fits in the city set.
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Flowering column – Cascade
2.520,00 AT
Give stature to your floral creations thanks to Casacade, our urban flowering column. It reaches up to 1.85 m.
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Urban cycle rack – C-NATURA
528,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA cycle-rack in stabilizated corten steel, for more durability and design in the urban space.
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Steel tree grate – DUALIS
1.056,002.748,00 AT
Choose the DUALIS steel tree grate, with flat iron and design pattern, it is available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.
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Public bin – ORIGAMI
912,001.176,00 AT
Ideal for urban setting, the ORIGAMI public bin will design and clean the city. Available in painted or stainless steel.
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Public treillis barrier – HEDERA
666,00816,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA public barrier with its treillis and its included recyclable polypropylene flowerbox.
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Public treillis barrier – A-LINÉA
666,00816,00 AT
Choose the A-LINÉA public barrier with its treillis and integrated flowerbox for a green public space.
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Cube-shaped planter – Cube
1.488,004.326,00 AT
A bit of flower culture in the city? Discover Cube, a cube-shaped planter, as its name suggests, to stay in linear forms, fitted with its planting liner and adjustable feet accessories.
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Cube-shaped planter – SYNERGIE
792,002.424,00 AT
A bit of flower culture in the city? Discover SYNERGIE, a cube-shaped planter, as its name suggests, to stay in linear forms.
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Orangery planter folded sheet metal – Classique
2.700,004.746,00 AT
Designed in folded sheet metal, the Classique orangery planter is equipped with finishings pieces for posts. It will ideally match your urban decoration.
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Laminated wood planter – Asyma
1.938,004.284,00 AT
Here is Asyma, a orangery planter in laminated wood. With an asymmetrical design, this planter will perfectly fit in your space.
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Orangery planter smooth laser-cut sheet steel – Aéris
2.178,003.984,00 AT
Opt for the Aéris orangery planter, made of smooth, laser-cut sheet steel with an ergonomic and very pleasant design.
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Pyramidal orangery planter – Pyrou
1.488,003.156,00 AT
It is difficult to be more atypical and design than Pyrou. This pyramidal planter is available in 6 sizes.
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Steel standard and bespoke street furniture

When we imagine metal street furniture, we first think about steel. True leadern on the market, this material deserves this craze! Whether it is for street furniture or street equipment, steel can be synonymous with solidity and longevity. It ensures you an incomparable robustness with an industrial and modern style.

From a technical point of view, steel is a metal made of iron and carbon. Its properties are directly depending on its carbon content. Indeed, it’s what will differentiate it from other metal like cast iron for example. With that in mind, it is proper to notice that steel, in this state, does not resist to corrosion. Thus, it simply must be treated before applying its finish. We use metallization sanding, when the product is welded.

Once it is treated, we offer you 3 different finishes: bright, sanded or matt. They define the adopted style, the aesthetic bias, the visual identity. Steel street furniture corresponds to the metal traditional version. Indeed, if stainless steel reprensents design, aluminium, flexibility and corten steel, originality, steel is, a classic version.

The material of the equipment is also chosen according to the furniture and its intrinsic function. Yet, for that you need to know the different technical characteristics of the material.

Steel street furniture assets

The first asset of steel is its great robustness. As part of a steel street equipment, this will be optimal when it must bear weight. Then, choosing steel for public benches,  seats or any other furniture requiring rigidity and strenght is a coherent choice.

Also notice that it is incombustible. As a matter of fact, install steel in public spaces is highly recommended.

The resistance of this material also allow to consider it in areas where weather puts element at an high pressure. Yet, its resistance is involved for that and also unnaturable pressions because blows and impacts has no effect on it.

The low maintenance needed is also a great point for it. As long as its use and load are plentiful, the maintenance is a chosen criterion.

Finally, notice that it can be endlessly recycled, whithout altering its physical properties.

Steel street furniture drawbacks

The main disadvantage is that is must protected against corrosion. It then requires a material treatment, beforehand. In this context, stainless steel can be a considered alternative.

Then, its weight must be considered. Indeed, it very heavy and consequently, hardly moveable. Yet, it is not malleable, unlike zinc which, at high temperature, can be, or aluminium.

It is through our verious process, like bending, folding or welding, that we are able to offer you these steel equipments. The latter is ideal for benches, tables and cycle racks. In other words, it is appropriate for furniture requiring a foolproof robustness. The steel street furniture is the best way to not make mistake! Furthermore, it fits perfectly with other material like wood or plastic, for original material mixing.