Public space design: ideas and inspirations for a square with the ORIGAMI range

In the category of public spaces, the square is an important space which allows all types of gatherings. Therefore, Its design is a major challenge. Indeed, it represents the city, its style, what it wishes to put forward. Through the equipment, we become aware of the direction that the city wishes to take.

An elegant outdor design for a green public space

The ORIGAMI range offers a unique outdoor design for public spaces. Indeed, its linear shapes, cut graphically by laser, give an elegant and singular aspect to the products. In addition, their manufacture gives the impression of folded steel sheets, like origami paper. These artistic creations from the East have inspired our ORIGAMI range of furniture and urban equipment. Thus, whether square or rectangular, the origami planter invites vegetation to blend in with the aesthetics of the outdoor design through a choice of different sizes, standard or custom-made.

For a city-proof public square

Most of the ORIGAMI range is made of stainless steel. This material has ideal properties for outdoor public spaces. Hygienic and low-maintenance, stainless steel products are ideal for high-traffic public spaces. In addition to being a leader in terms of design, this material is also extremely resistant to corrosion. Thus, ORIGAMI equipment remains sustainable and practical through its seats, litter bins, bike racks or bollards.

The products

Origamic planter – ORIGAMI

1.812,004.836,00 AT
The ORIGAMI planter emerges from the range, atypical in all its details. Available in multiple materials.
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Public bin – ORIGAMI

912,001.176,00 AT
Ideal for urban setting, the ORIGAMI public bin will design and clean the city. Available in painted or stainless steel.
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Public bench – ORIGAMI

1.056,001.308,00 AT
The ORIGAMI public bench is a city-proof street furniture for every urban areas. Offered in bi-material it's up to you to choose its design.
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Urban cycle rack – ORIGAMI

456,00660,00 AT
Choose the ORIGAMI cycle-rack in many colours, realized in painted steel or stainless steel. It fits in the whole urban space.
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