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Urban garden – A-LINÉA
1.476,006.000,00 AT
The A-LINÉA modular backless bench is made of steel which guarantees its stenght and quality, it integrates recyclable flower pots.
Circular backless bench – A-LINÉA
2.928,003.396,00 AT
Crossover between public bench and flower pot, the circular backless bench A-LINÉA is made of steel and recyclable plastic from the included flower pot.
Public bench – HEDERA
2.148,00 AT
Discover HEDERA, public bench with a flowering possibility. The seat is offered in laminated wood for a bi-material design.
Backless bench – HEDERA
1.992,003.180,00 AT
Here is HEDERA, public backless bench with a steel planter. With a planting liner and a wood seat, it is a valued street furniture piece.
Single backless bench – A-LINÉA
1.212,001.518,00 AT
In its range, A-LINÉA has the single steel backless bench model with an integrated flower pot in recyclable polyethylene.
Double backless bench – A-LINÉA
1.644,001.680,00 AT
Here is the A-LINÉA double backless bench model, delivered with integrated flower pots, available in several colours.
Public bench – PASTEL
1.704,001.836,00 AT
Here is the PASTEL public bench, colourful, it will brighten up your urban context, with its multicoloured slats. It is made of steel.
Public backless benches, PASTEL
1.272,00 AT
Choose colour with the PASTEL range and its backless bench made of steel with anti-corrosion treatment, compose of a seat with multicolour slats.
Circular backless bench – PASTEL
3.036,003.492,00 AT
The PASTEL circular backless bench is an hybrid solution for your urban space. The seat provides place to put a tree or a flower pot in the middle.
Public bench – ORIGAMI
852,001.308,00 AT
The ORIGAMI public bench is a city-proof street furniture for every urban areas. Offered in bi-material it's up to you to choose its design.
Backless bench – ORIGAMI
720,001.176,00 AT
The ORIGAMI backless bench is a city-proof street furniture. Made of stainless steel or painted steel and a wood seat.
Public bench – C-NATURA
1.872,00 AT
Discover C-NATURA, the public bench with bevelled seat, made of stabilizated corten steel, it is suitable for urban nature.

Public bench for outdoor layouts

A public bench, whether it is set up in a public garden, in a park or in a urban green space, is an ode. An ode to relaxation, to a suspended moment, raising our awareness to the beauty of our environment. Elegant, in metal or in wood, it especially nees to be comfotable. As part of outdoor street furniture, the bench is identified as an indispensable element.

If there are several ways to offer seats, in urban environments, such as chairs and standing seats, the public bench is a great classic. It is composed of a seat, a back, or else in few cases, of an armrest.

Traditionally, the public bench goes with a wood seat and back, framed by a cast iron. These classical models are from now on brought up to date with lighter and susainable material mixes. The backless bench, about it, has no back. It is composed with just one seat.

At ATECH, we offer you various street furniture ranges in which you’ll find diverse models of public benches. The benefit lies on the material choices, shapes and colours we offer you. Insofar, you’ll find the adequate product, whether the model goes on an overall planning or alone. We offer standard lenght but it is totally possible to customized it throught  various elements. Thus, the colour, the material, the laser cut are some of the elements you can modify.

For many models we decided a classic wood/metal dualism, but while updating it. Indeed, if codes still the same, the wood is modernized with bamboo, pine or exotic wood. Regarding the metal, you’ll find models in steel (painted), in stainless steel or in corten steel. In addition, we also offer models in metal only.

Metal public bench for outdoor layout

Manufacturing street furniture requires a know-how and certain experiment. Indeed, our metal pubic benches are simultaneously modern and original. We decline them in different shapes, using the laser cut process and painting them using the hot-lacquered process. These are qualitative products, time-lasting and weather-resistant.

Unlike the a priori, metal doesn’t hold this cold and impersonal look. This is countered by bright colours we use. Their particular design bring them an appreciated originality by users. Regarding the no-needed maintenance of the material, it is a valuable advantage. In addition, some of our metal benches allow you to combine the greening of the space to the seating function.

All our benches models decline themselves, speaking of design, into backless benches. Consequently, you will just have to know which model is better for users. With that visual consistency in mind, you will also find associated orangery planters, planters, flower pots, tables, flowerboxes and suspensions, flowering columns and urban gardens.