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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Gal’B
414,001.482,00 AT
Discover Gal'B, an outdoor flower pot mixing design and ergonomic fit ; with accessories (base plate, planting liner...).
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Table – A-LINÉA
2.820,004.104,00 AT
The A-LINÉA range includes this steel table model with an optional recyclable plastic flower pot.
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Recyclable plastic flowerbox – B950RG
144,00252,00 AT
We offer you the B950RG flowerbox. Ideal to created floral arrangements in the urban space.
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Recyclable plastic suspension – Sifu®
138,00708,00 AT
Set the mood with a qualitative street furniture, with the SIFU plastic suspension, in polypropylene, available with its accessories and many sizes.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Extravase
84,00918,00 AT
Think big with the Extravase Flower pot, available in 6 sizes and 17 colours. To please your eyes, your plants and your landscape.
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Public treillis barrier – HEDERA
666,00816,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA public barrier with its treillis and its included recyclable polypropylene flowerbox.
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Public treillis barrier – A-LINÉA
666,00816,00 AT
Choose the A-LINÉA public barrier with its treillis and integrated flowerbox for a green public space.
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Conical planter – A-LINÉA
1.380,004.674,00 AT
Here is the A-LINEA planter, ideal for floral design. Made of a steel cone, it will please the city with its colourful touch.
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Conical planter – PASTEL
1.686,004.908,00 AT
With the PASTEL planter, nothing's better than a warm and colourful touch in your urban space.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Saphir
420,00756,00 AT
Think big with this large flower pot Saphir, available on front or reverse, 2 sizes and 17 colours.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Amphor
276,00594,00 AT
Ideal and convenient for flower culture, here is the Amphor flower pot, in polyethylene with drainage grid and water reserve.
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Recyclable plastic Flower Pot – Vase
306,00840,00 AT
Vase is one the biggest flower pot we offer, designed with an elegant fit, it will be perfect for your uban flowering.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Half Extravase
84,00642,00 AT
Discover this half flower pot with drainage grid and water reserve. With its ergonomic shape, this colourful pot will know how to design your desires.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Rectiligne
246,00396,00 AT
The Rectiligne flower pot will ideally complement your urban decor. It can also be used as a flowerbox.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Pila
264,00606,00 AT
Here is Pila, from the range of our flower pots. Manufactured in polyethylene for more robustness, make beautiful flower design in the urban environment.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Quadri
324,00384,00 AT
Discover Quadri, recyclable flower pot, ideal for your floral arrangements and urban decorations. Available in 18 colours.
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Urban garden – A-LINÉA
1.212,006.138,00 AT
The A-LINÉA modular backless bench is made of steel which guarantees its stenght and quality, and optional recyclable flower pots.
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Circular backless bench – A-LINÉA
2.544,003.468,00 AT
Crossover between public bench and flower pot, the circular backless bench A-LINÉA is made of steel and recyclable plastic from the optional flower pot.
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Single backless bench – A-LINÉA
1.104,001.530,00 AT
In its range, A-LINÉA has the single steel backless bench model with an optional flower pot in recyclable polyethylene.
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Double backless bench – A-LINÉA
1.428,001.728,00 AT
Here is the A-LINÉA double backless bench model, delivered with optional flower pots, available in several colours.
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Public bench – SYNERGIE
488,40926,40 AT
Choose the public bench SYNERGIE in steel, the simplicity to landscape your urban space. Available with 6 seat finishes.
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Recycled or recyclable plastic street furniture

First and foremost, recycled recyclable plastic street furniture offers a wide choice. Whether it is in shapes or colours, this material allows the greatest fantaisies. Nevertheless, this synthetic material does not have a good reputation. Especially from an environmental point of view. In order to overcome that, here is what we developed:

  • Flower pots, planters and flowerboxes are made with recyclable plastic
  • Planting liners are only made with recycled plastic

Thus, the idea was to offer you plastic equipments, while respecting sustainable development. For that, we made the choice of polyethylene. This one present a double ability. The first one is that the raw material can come from recycled plastic. Consequently, no added resource is needed for its creation. But it only concerns planting liners. In a second time, they are recyclable. Because we are aware that the plastic waste management is a main concern, it was necessary to consider the product end-of-life.

For recyclable plastic, we offer a wide range of colours. Indeed, between neutral, pastel, “textured” or bright colours, there are about twenty possibilities.

Recyclable plastic street furniture assets

The first asset of plastic street furniture is the absence of maintenance. Indeed, this material doesn’t need to be treated in any way. Yet, maintenance cost are a variable to consider by cities.
The second asset lies in its multiple possibilities with shapes and colours. Let’s not forget that today, aesthetic is essential whether it is for outddor furniture or for street equipment. Then, street furniture must be beautiful, robust, comfortable and sustainable.

We mainly use plastic for greening spaces. Consequently, an other asset, needed for their function, is that it facilitates plants growth.

Finally, the cost of the material, brought to its longevity, makes a great quality/price ratio.

Recyclable plastic street furniture drawbacks

The main bias on this material, is the discolouration due to sunlight. Indeed, UV radiation has a bleaching effect and it can be detrimental to some colours. With that in mind, we considered that hypothesis and we offer you an upstream tretment. Then, plastic street furniture is treated with a anti-UV filter.

We considered plastic furniture like other materials such as wood or proposed metal (steel, corten, aluminium, stainless steel, zinc). In other words, we transpose our know-how and ethic through plastic. We wanted it robust and resistant. But, also, modern with our visual identity. Plastic allows you to, then, access outstanding shapes and sizes of products with an attractive price.

To know the details of other material for street furniture, we invite you to consult the developed characteristics on steel, corten steelstainless steelaluminium, zinc and wood.