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Pyramidal orangery planter – Pyrou
1.392,002.850,00 AT
It is difficult to be more atypical and design than Pyrou. This pyramidal planter is available in 6 sizes.
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Bevelled planter – Biso
1.560,002.640,00 AT
Discover Biso, the bevelled urban planter, ideal for your flower design and the greening of your urban space, with its accessories.
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Conical planter – A-LINÉA
1.290,004.164,00 AT
Here is the A-LINEA planter, ideal for floral design. Made of a steel cone, it will please the city with its colourful touch.
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Laminated wood planter – Asyma
1.812,003.996,00 AT
Here is Asyma, a orangery planter in laminated wood. With an asymmetrical design, this planter will perfectly fit in your space.
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Bevelled bowl-shaped planter – SQUARE
3.528,008.028,00 AT
Opt for a very elaborate design with SQUARE, the bevelled bowl-shaped planter. The ideal flower box for an atypical urban environment.
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Cylindric planter – Patine
924,003.804,00 AT
Discover Patine, the cylindric planter. Available in painted steel or corten steel, it is the solution to green your urban space.
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Conical planter – Extrabac
1.092,004.356,00 AT
Discover Extrabac, the conical planter which, with its design look, will fit pefectly in your urban environment.
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Conical planter – PASTEL
1.578,004.626,00 AT
With the PASTEL planter, nothing's better than a warm and colourful touch in your urban space.
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Curved urban planter – Concave
1.548,003.120,00 AT
Set the mood with the urban planter Concave, flowering furniture, and complement your urban space with plants and trees.
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Cube-shaped planter – SYNERGIE
792,002.424,00 AT

A bit of flower culture in the city? Discover SYNERGIE, a cube-shaped planter, as its name suggests, to stay in linear forms.

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Orangery planter – DUALIS
1.428,004.260,00 AT
With the DUALIS orangery planter, adorn the urban space with beautiful trees and floral design. Available in several materials.
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Bowl planter – SQUARE
3.528,008.028,00 AT
Find out SQUARE, uban planter in the shape of a bowl. Modern, it is ideal to complement your urban landscape.
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Half bowl planter – SQUARE
2.268,005.604,00 AT
SQUARE is also available in shape of a half bowl. In painted steel or corten steel, it is an ideal solution for an atypical urban space.
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Planter for orange trees – Cléo
1.788,003.384,00 AT
Discover Cléo, the planter which looks like an orangery planter. Atypical but classical, it perfectly fits in the urban area.
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Cube-shaped planter – Cube
1.392,004.062,00 AT
A bit of flower culture in the city? Discover Cube, a cube-shaped planter, as its name suggests, to stay in linear forms, fitted with its planting liner and adjustable feet accessories.
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Triangular planter – Celsus
1.416,002.772,00 AT
A bit of greenery in the city? Take advantage of Celsus street furniture, a triangular steel planter, to green and flower your urban space.
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Orangery planter folded sheet metal – Classique
2.700,004.746,00 AT
Designed in folded sheet metal, the Classique orangery planter is equipped with finishings pieces for posts. It will ideally match your urban decoration.
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Conical planter – Contrario
1.560,004.416,00 AT
With an aesthetic design, discover the conical planter Contrario, offering an adequat space for the floral culture in urban environment.
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Origamic planter – ORIGAMI
1.692,004.524,00 AT
The ORIGAMI planter emerges from the range, atypical in all its details. Available in multiple materials.
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Planter – C-NATURA
1.171,201.471,20 AT
Hybrid between a planter and a flower box, discover C-NATURA with feet, ideal for greening and blooming your city.
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Design planter – C-NATURA
1.988,40 AT
Design planter in corten steel, C-NATURA will sublimate your floral arrangements and green your urban space.
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Urban planter for outdoor layouts

Introduce plants in the city has become a major challenge. Since it is not just plant flowers here and there in a urban planter to bring colour, but to refresh the city. The greening is then above ground and requires resistant and welcoming containers.

ATECH enrolled as the specialist of the urban flowering furniture. Indeed, conscious of the needs and challenges of what urban greening is, our planter range is completely adapted to it. Through our offer, you’ll can put any plants. Single, in composition, of small and large sizes, we assure you an incredible diversity.

If our flower pots are round shaped, orangery planters rectangular shaped, our planters decline themselves in many shapes. Indeed, we created several rangues in which shapes, materials and finishes differ. THe aim is to offer you a solution fully adapted to your project of urban landscape layout. Whether it is in an aesthetic or technical way.

We then consider that the planters must answer certain specific criteria due to their urban environment. We can notify the easy maintenance, the security (for inhabitants and plants), the sustainability and the resistance. All of that, while offering an adequat environment for the plant to grow. That will go through, the materials we use, simultaneously with the different accessories. Such as, for example, the planting liner, or else the water reserves, in order to facilitate and manage plant watering.

Metal planters

Metal appears as the ideal material to manufacture planters. Indeed, it guarantees a strenght and high resistance, while allowing a very appreciated diversity in the shapes. Moreover, it allows to use the laser cut process offering then an inimitable originality.

According to the models, you’ll have the choice between steel, corten or aluminium. Steet, painted through the hot-lacquered process, offer you strenght and colour. Corten allow your original planter and aluminium endless shapes.

Materials assets are no more to prove! Insofar, robustness, resistance and easy maintenance are also coming up to the mark. Moreover, the different ways to work this material allow us to offer you a wide range of shapes. The metal planters seem then totally appropriate to grow plants in urban environment.

Bespoke planters

In the possibility where you don’t find what suits you, ATECH also manufactures entirely bespoke models. Therefore, you’ll have the choice of the shape, the colour, finishes or else the material. The ideal is to answer your needs in all your urban layouts projects.

It’s with that in mind that we declined different ranges composed, added to the planters, of diverse furniture like tables, benches and backless benches, chairs and standing seats, flowerboxes and suspensions, flowering columns and urban gardens. It will guarantee you a visual and aesthetical consistency.