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Flowering column – Cascade
2.520,00 AT
Give stature to your floral creations thanks to Casacade, our urban flowering column. It reaches up to 1.85 m.
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Flowering Column – Square
1.920,003.252,00 AT
Take a little height with the floral column Tour, and realize the ideal floral arrangements for urban space.
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Plants columns for outdoor layouts

Specialized in flowering street furniture, we are always looking for new elements to bring nature in the city. If planters or flower pots
are classical equipments, we innovate in their shapes and materials. If orangery planters are traditional, we modernize it. With that in mind, we then realize flowering columns.

Flowering columns can be assimilated to real cascade of flowers. This solution to flower urban space provides an incredible visual impact. Insofar, between astonishment and amazement, this product will allow you to create beautiful arrangements. Indeed, this vertical assembly system will offer you a truc floral masterpiece!

Regarding plants that can be set up, we advise you to select them according various criteria. The first one is to choose rapid growth seeds. The aim is to avoid the structure to be seen for too long. But you can also opt for germination stage seeds. The second criterion is to favour falling plants, this, with the goal to have a real flower cascade effects. Finally, the third advise is to choose resistant flowers along seasons. Here again, the aim is to avoid to let the structure exposed. Nevertheless, you have other options like plant seasonal flowers or put the structure away during winter.

Flowering column: a visual asset

We offer two different column models. Their common points are in their structure. Indeed, a column is composed with several hot-lacquered galvanized steel cups. They are installed one above the other, at an equal distance. If the first one, at the top, has a small size, it widens in an exponential and proportional way. This will allow to get a conical shape during the floral deployment. Galvanized steel appears like the ideal material. Highly resistant, it will support the weight of flowers and substrate without problems.

The first model, the column for flowers, has circular cups. It is also available is several sizes. Its unique structure needs a specific handling. Thus, you can move it by pallet jack or lifting system.

The second model, the flower cascade, has rectangular cups. Available in only one size, it measures 185 cm. In the same way that the model previously described, it is moveable by pallet jack or lifting system.

Movable, you can install these colums where you want! In a lasting or eventful way, it will flourish the spaces you want to value. Thus, around a building or in a park near a bench or a backless bench, it’s up to you! It will travel at the mercy of your needs and wishes.

These vegetal sculptures willingly join to our urban gardens models. And if you want to equip your outdoor spaces with high-quality and sustainable furniture, we also manufacture tables, chairs and standing seats, but not least flowerboxes and suspensions and urban gardens.