Road design: ideas and inspiration with the C-NATURA range

Designing a roadway can be a real puzzle when it comes to combining safety, fluidity and design. The C-NATURA range, based on corten steel and bamboo wood materials, fits perfectly into this environment. Practical and authentic, C-NATURA furniture is of service to the city and its citizens. Discover our planning solutions to protect and embellish your street space.

Designing the road to protect: line up the equipment!

Street equipment will be the best ally for the development of the roadway. Indeed, they have an undeniable practical connotation. Their aim? To make life easier for users by offering them practical and concrete solutions.
Thus, barriers, bollards and posts can be aligned to separate motorised lanes from cycle paths or even pavements and pedestrian paths. Here, C-NATURA’s equipment provides protection for users while also adding a natural design touch thanks to wood and corten.

Aesthetic and practical: combine the elements!

Why not mixing street furniture and equipments? Dare to modulate your street space with the C-NATURA range. Once pedestrians are safe thanks to the barriers or bollards, offer them a moment of relaxation by adding a public bench in this line. In addition, the bamboo slats of the C-NATURA seats offer comfort, solidity and aesthetics. Moreover, offer an aesthetic well-being interlude by adding planters. Our fences allow the integration of planters in order to combine practicality and flowering.

Find new ideas for landscaping your roadways by consulting our urban equipment products with the C-NATURA range.

The products

Public bench – C-NATURA

1.872,00 AT
Discover C-NATURA, the public bench with bevelled seat, made of stabilizated corten steel, it is suitable for urban nature.
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Public barrier – C-NATURA

432,00600,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA urban barrier in stabilizated corten steel. Available in several materials, it will fit in the urban space.
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Bollard – C-NATURA

216,00276,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA bollard in stabilizated corten steel and wood, to embed, on base plate or by sleeve. It will add nature in the city.
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