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Origamic planter – ORIGAMI
1.812,004.836,00 AT
The ORIGAMI planter emerges from the range, atypical in all its details. Available in multiple materials.
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Orangery planter folded sheet metal – Classique
2.700,004.746,00 AT
Designed in folded sheet metal, the Classique orangery planter is equipped with finishings pieces for posts. It will ideally match your urban decoration.
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Planter – Mosaïque
3.228,006.876,00 AT
Discover our planter Mosaïque. Atypical, it adapts perfectly to the urban environment.
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Composter – Idylle
7.920,00 AT
Discover Idylle, a reusable piece of furniture. This public composter is ideal for greening and enlivening urban spaces.
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Urban garden – Mosaïque
4.464,006.144,00 AT
Here is the Mosaïque urban garden. Atypical, it adapts perfectly to the urban environment
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Picnic table – Mosaïque
31.140,00 AT
Mosaïque offers a design solution for creating a space with plants. The LED lighting will make your space unique.
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Angle for straight edge – Raw aluminium
17,6950,74 AT

Quick and easy to install, our kerbstones are available in different heights.

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Corner for Kerbs – Painted aluminium
392,86661,50 AT

Quick and easy to install, our upstand angles are available in heights of 500 and 1000mm.

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Kerb – Painted aluminium
349,66864,00 AT
Our upstands are available in 980mm and 1480mm long sheets with heights of 500 or 1000mm.
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Planter with round welded bottom
484,805.276,40 AT
Our welded and watertight round planter are available in a wide range of finishes for stylish, long-lasting layouts.
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Planter with square welded base
624,001.718,40 AT
Our welded, watertight square tubs are available in a wide range of finishes. They come in a range of sizes and different assemblies for stylish, long-lasting layouts.
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Planter with welded rectangular base
481,201.665,60 AT
Our welded, watertight rectangular planters come in a range of sizes and finishes for stylish, long-lasting layouts.
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Round fountain – Painted aluminium
3.837,554.055,63 AT
Our fountains are delivered pre-assembled and ready to install.
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Straight edge – Raw aluminium – 3 ML
53,06179,75 AT
Quick and easy to install, our kerbs are available in different heights.
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Wall – Painted aluminum
658,721.794,72 AT
With their floor-mounted fixings, privacy screens and their wide range of functions are the ideal solution for creating innovative spaces.
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Aluminium standard and bespoke street furniture

In terms of materials for street furniture, aluminium is able of impressive technicial achievements. This, while being common in our daily life uses. This metal embodies flexibility and curves. But, also, lightness and finesse. With a litteral possibility of bending over backwards, aluminium street furniture offers multiple possibilites: folding, bending, welding.

In its definition, aluminium is a metal coming from alumina, itself coming from bauxite. Natural and abundant on earth’s crust, we have widely integrated it in our daily life. And with good reason! Unlike corten steel, stainless steel or zinc, it has a low density. Therefore, its lightness is making it a valuable ally. Especilly to manufacture street equipments.

Nevertheless, its malleability is not questionning its robustness, neither its rigidity. Thus, we totally can consider an aluminium public bench, shelters or any other equipment. Thanks to the scope of our range you have various finishes possibilities. Indeed, it is traditionally in a silver colour, but other colours are available. Then, we offer you to paint it through hot-lacquered treatment. Insofar, you have access to a large range of colours. After, you’ll have, at your choice, three finishes (bright, grained or matt). In addition, we also offer you an anodized version.

Aluminium street furniture assets

Naturally present, abundantly, aluming distinguished itself by its extreme resistance to corrosion. Then it is a strategic ally for outdoor furniture manufacturing. Its aesthetic lasts in a significant way, giving a new and clean impression.

Its strong resistance to corrosion goes along with a minimal maintenance guarantee. Yet, in public spaces, time and cost of maintenance are decisive criteria.

Then, its malleability is also a strong asset! Indeed, it allows to creat curves and innovatives shapes. Which is more appreciable considering our bespoke street furniture offer. Insofar, your imagination has no more limit.

Finally, its lightness facilitate widely the installation of aluminium equipments. Therefore, if you planned on changing their spot frenquently, it can be interesting.

Aluminium street furniture drawbacks

Its lightness can, in some environments, be a disavantadge. In this case, a steel equipment, for example, must be favoured.

In a second time, cost can also brake the investment. Also notice that it is vector to heatness. In that hypothesis, using aluminium furniture in a park can be inappropriate.

Finally, its finesse, in some cases, leads to a low resistance to blows and impacts. Therefore, according to the aim of the equipment, it needs to be considered.

Single or mixed with other materials, aluminium attracts by its flexibility. Various finishes allow you to not concede anything on the global aesthetic. For more lightness, as visual as physical, choose aluminium street furniture!

To know the details of other material for street furniture, we invite you to consult the developed characteristics on steel, corten steelstainless steelzincwood and recycled plastic.