An environmental responsibility

Since its created, ATECH has be comitted to care for the environment by flowering and greening urban areas. Implementing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy geared towards the environment has become an obvious choice facing current and future challenges. Today, ATECH is taking a stand and help you control your carbon footprint thanks to responsible products.

We are setting concrete targets, sustainably developing our production methods, moving towards eco-design and curbing our polluting emissions, all with the aim of achieving a neutral impact on the environment. In the short terme, we are pursuing a low-carbon strategy to 2030 with the final obective of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.



GOAL 1 : 40% decarbonisation by 2030 in production

To reach climate neutrality, it is first necessary to reduce its polluting emissions as much as possible. Therefore, we have decided to follow the French government’s strategy of reduction pollution by 40% by 2030 and thus enter into a low carbon strategy in the short term.

Progression of the goal: 55,71%

LED lighting and installation of detectors and timers

Internal awareness-raising to save energy

Air leakage management

Transition to green energy

Updating the sorting plan

Setting up a compost

Raising awareness of waste sorting

Tracking of material waste

Non-conformity products management

Installation of rainwater harvesters

Raising awareness on water management

Transition to a hybrid vehicle fleet

Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles

GOAL 2 : To invest in eco-design

Reduce your carbon footprint! Metallurgical materials are the core business of ATECH. Here, it is therefore difficult to reduce our pollution due to the exploitation of these materials. For this reason, ATECH will source its materials and offer new ones with less polluting impacts. Your choice will then be decisive in reducing your carbon footprint.

Progression of the goal: 40%

From marine bio-sourced waste

From recycled plastics

Setting up a materials library

Tracks under consideration

GOAL 3: Achieve climate neutrality by 2050

Finally, ATECH wants to compensate for all its remaining emissions. The absorption of greenhouse gases through vegetation is therefore the most obvious solution. Moreover, with this strategy, ATECH continues to act locally.

Progression of the goal: 11%

16750 square meters of plantable surface sold during year 2021-2022.