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Public bin – ORIGAMI
912,001.176,00 AT
Ideal for urban setting, the ORIGAMI public bin will design and clean the city. Available in painted or stainless steel.
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Composter – Idylle
7.920,00 AT
Discover Idylle, a reusable piece of furniture. This public composter is ideal for greening and enlivening urban spaces.
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Public bin – HEDERA
1.296,00 AT
Choose the steel bin HEDERA for your urban space, with flowering and planting liner. Ashtray option on request.
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Public bin – PASTEL
1.704,002.220,00 AT
Choose originality with the PASTEL public bin, in multicoloured steel, with bag holder or liner bucket.
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Public bin – A-LINÉA
636,00 AT
The A-LINÉA public bin is a design street furniture. Adorned with a beautiful pattern, it is done in painted steel (colours of your choice).
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Public bin – SYNERGIE
487,20 AT
Choose the SYNERGIE public bin in painted steel, with bag holder and ashtray. It fits perfectly in urban space.
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Public bin – SQUARE
1.104,00 AT
Discover the public bin SQUARE with design laser cuts, in painted steel it is available in many colours.
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Public bin – DUALIS
1.044,003.108,00 AT
Discover the DUALIS public bin in painted steel, with bag holder. Also available in recycling version for a cleaner city.
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Anti-attack urban bin – C-NATURA
816,00 AT
Choose the anti-attack urban public bin C-NATURA in corten steel with bag holder. The fixing is to embed and the container is 80 liters.
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Anti-attack public bin – SQUARE
600,00 AT
Choose the SQUARE anti-attack public steel bin with visible bag holder. It offers security and design thanks to its circles.
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Anti-attack public bin – ORIGAMI
384,00504,00 AT
Discover the anti-attack public bin ORIGAMI, in painted or stainless steel, it is included with a bag holder for cleanliness.
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Urban bin for outdoor layouts

We are aware that one of the major challebge of the cities is the cleanliness of the public space. Indeed, it reflects the identity and the spirit of the city. Yet, if this street equipment is absolutely needed, nevertheless from a purely aesthetic point of view, an urban bin is hardly integrated.

With this is mind, it is not the only point of a bin. To only mention them, we must also create knowing what they contain or else, if they must be global or have several containers, offer an ashtray etc.

Choosing the ideal bin model as part of urban layouts must then answer various criteria. It derives directly from your needs. First, you should choose according to the location where it would be. Depending on the answer, this will determine if it must be a public anti-attack bin or a classic one. This also determines its height. Is it a busy place or not? Is there space or is it limited? The second criterion is the one of the waste sorting. If it is appplied, you should settle several outdoor bins with a precise signage to inform the users. Finally, the last criterion is on the global aesthetic of the product. It is important is the way that is can be complicated to integrate outdoor bins in the urban landscape. Then, we have ensured that our litter bins are visually valuable.

The waste management is a major challenge for a city. It is then naturally that hygiene urban equipments integrate it.

Metal urban bin for outdoor layouts

Accumulating imperatives and aesthetic, that’s the way we designed our city bins. The metal imposes itself thanks to its inherent qualities. We can metion, strenght, robustsness and ease of maintenance. Yet, this lattest point can be significant, particularly during the cleaning of the bins.

We offer 3 models of anti-attack public bin. Henceforth you will have the choice between a corten steel structure, a hot-lacquered painted steel structure or a stainless steel structure. The first choice is selecting originality and, all the more, with its design cut. The second is making the choice of classic and assure a visual viability. Indeed, the anti-corrosion treatment combined with the hot-lacquered one allows an incredible protection. The third choice allows you to have a product perfectly adapt to its function. Indeed, smooth, stainless steel is known to prevent the bacterial growth.

For traditional public bins models, you have the choice of the shape, and each one has a specific height. Which allows to steer your choice. Moreover, our models have particular specificities like the fixing system, the rain cover or else the opening system. In other words, they answer the urban issues.

Our public outdoor bins are part of a larger range of equipment. Therefore, its choice is often linked to the range selected beforehand. Offering bespoke products, it is also possible for us to adapt if needed.

To complete your layout, don’t hesitate to discover our models of
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