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Orangery planter – DUALIS
1.176,003.516,00 AT
With the DUALIS orangery planter, adorn the urban space with beautiful trees and floral design. Available in several materials.
Pyramidal planter – Kesa
1.332,003.384,00 AT
Equip the city with high-quailty street furniture, the Kesa planter. Available in smooth laminated wood or smooth steel.
Laminated wood planter – Asyma
1.812,003.804,00 AT
Here is Asyma, a orangery planter in laminated wood. With an asymmetrical design, this planter will perfectly fit in your space.
Urban garden – Olympe
17.256,0093.840,00 AT
Choose Olympe, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is ideal to create freshness islands.
Urban garden – Prisme
2.832,0033.264,00 AT
Choose Prisme, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is the ideal way to create freshness islands.
Urban garden – Oasis
6.084,0017.244,00 AT
Oasis is an ideal street furniture, equally in the botanical aspect than its usefulness with its laminated wodd seats.
Urban garden – C-NATURA
2.484,0014.700,00 AT
Here is the urban garden from the C-NATURA range. In painted steel or corten steel, it is design and useful because it is without basis.
Urban Garden – HEDERA
6.492,00 AT
Movable steel planter and laminated wood seat. Equipped with a hollow floor for fork-lifts.
Public bench – HEDERA
2.148,00 AT
Discover HEDERA, public bench with a flowering possibility. The seat is offered in laminated wood for a bi-material design.
Backless bench – HEDERA
1.992,003.180,00 AT
Here is HEDERA, public backless bench with a steel planter. With a planting liner and a wood seat, it is a valued street furniture piece.
Standing seat – HEDERA
1.272,00 AT
Discover our urban standing-seat HEDERA with possibility of flowering and equipped of a wood seat for an elegant touch.
Public bench – ORIGAMI
852,001.308,00 AT
The ORIGAMI public bench is a city-proof street furniture for every urban areas. Offered in bi-material it's up to you to choose its design.

Wood standard and bespoke street furniture

Wood street furniture is reassuring. Natural pre-eminent material, it is warm and aesthetic. Thus, with an exotic originic, from the classic pine, to the bamboo, we only use high quality materials. ATECH is, inded, aware of street furniture challenges but, especially, of the required and intrinsic qualities they must complete.

Manufacturer of outdoor furniture and street equipment for many decades, we like to mix our different materials. That way, a public bench has a wood seat and metal feet. Moreover, our bespoke equipment offer allow you to imagine the street furniture of tomorrow. Our time to create it!

Our offer is based around different wood species but also around different finishes. Then, we have bamboo, treated pine or exotic wood. About the latter, you have 3 stains at your choice: colorless, light oak or dark oad. Moreover, we also offer you laminated wood. It is a succession of layers linked with an adapted resin. It ends by a final layer for the material decoration. Insofar, you have a large choice among lighter or darker hues.

Wood street furniture assets

Wood, as street furniture material, is a classic, even an essential. Indeed, it’s the material we more expect on a bench or a picnic table. Indeed, it is not inconsistent! This material is then very appreciated from users.

True incarnation of sustainable development, it finds its pedigree and becomes, paradoxically, design. Combined with steel, corten, aluminium, stainless stell or zinc, it offer a robst, unique and resistant equipment.

Resistant, it calls for conviviality like no other material.

Wood street furniture drawbacks

It is obvious that, compared to metal, wood can appear as less robust. Still, its resistance is real and, more, if we protect it.

Indeed, wood is a material that requires more maintenant than metal or recyclable plastic. It also must be treated to avoid mould, for example. With that in mind, we choos wood for what it is because no other material is able to do the same effect. Further, we apply a treatment on wood that we offer in order for you to gest the most benifit from it, withouth the drawbacks.

Wood is an ideal material for benches, backless benches, tables and pannels. Planters are also available to perfert your layouts. A wise choice of street furniture lies on its comfort, its aesthetic but also its robustness. Wood is ideal combined with other materials. Yet, with the bespoke offer, it’s up to you to imagine unexcpected mixes! We conceive each of our street equipment in a sustainable process. Yet, which better material as wood to represent it?

To know the details of other material for street furniture, we invite you to consult the developed characteristics on steel, corten steelstainless steelaluminium, zinc and recycled plastic.