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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Gal’B
414,001.482,00 AT
Discover Gal'B, an outdoor flower pot mixing design and ergonomic fit ; with accessories (base plate, planting liner...).
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Extravase
84,00918,00 AT
Think big with the Extravase Flower pot, available in 6 sizes and 17 colours. To please your eyes, your plants and your landscape.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Saphir
420,00756,00 AT
Think big with this large flower pot Saphir, available on front or reverse, 2 sizes and 17 colours.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Amphor
276,00594,00 AT
Ideal and convenient for flower culture, here is the Amphor flower pot, in polyethylene with drainage grid and water reserve.
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Recyclable plastic Flower Pot – Vase
306,00840,00 AT
Vase is one the biggest flower pot we offer, designed with an elegant fit, it will be perfect for your uban flowering.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Half Extravase
84,00642,00 AT
Discover this half flower pot with drainage grid and water reserve. With its ergonomic shape, this colourful pot will know how to design your desires.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Rectiligne
246,00396,00 AT
The Rectiligne flower pot will ideally complement your urban decor. It can also be used as a flowerbox.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Pila
264,00606,00 AT
Here is Pila, from the range of our flower pots. Manufactured in polyethylene for more robustness, make beautiful flower design in the urban environment.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Quadri
324,00384,00 AT
Discover Quadri, recyclable flower pot, ideal for your floral arrangements and urban decorations. Available in 18 colours.
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Urban flower pot for outdoor layouts

Introduce vegetal in the city: a challenge for landscapers and cities which must deal with aesthetical concerns, plants needs and areas constraints. Among the street furniture, the choice of containers to green spacs is incredibly large! Between shapes, materials, colours and sizes, finding the good solution with urban flower pot might take time.

At ATECH we chose to divide our containers like this: orangery planters with their traditional shape, planters which are in metal and in various shapes, and our flower pots, which are in recyclable plastic. In this way, you have at your disposal any container, which can answer your needs.

We offer you many flower pots sizes. By consequence, here are some advices to determine the ideal size of your container, for an optimal development of the plants. Thus, the first rule to respect is the one of one-third. Indeed, the flower pots needs to measure one-third of the total plant size, with its roots. Regarding the morphology, prefer large pots for dense plants and conversely.

Plastic flower pot

Our flower pots are made in polyethylene. It is a recyclable plastic. Declined in different shapes, you have the choice among classical conical forms. But we also considered more original shapes. It allow us to be adapted to different plant sizes.

Some of our models have a water reservce, allowing you to control and limit waterings. For all of them, a choice of 18 colours is offered to you. Thus, whether the chosen global style, you’ll find the one you need!

Advantages of a plastic flower pot

A flower pot must have intrinsic qualities but also answer specific criteria. This, in urban environment it is needed to consider certain conditions. Among them we can note the easy maintenance of the material. Indeed, the maintenance cost for cities is a selection criterion!

Then, the moisture and temperature variations resistance is also significant. In fact, most of the time, pots doesn’t need to be moved on according to seasons. Regarding bleaching by sunlight, our flower pots are all receiving a anti-UV treatment.

Finally, the price make it accessible and can be a decisive criterion, especially for very big flower pots. Let’s also take note that we offer accessories like fixing base plate, particularly useful in urban environment.

From the conical pot, classical shape, to the rectangular pot like a flowerbox, or more unexcpected shapes, our models answer many aesthetical tastes. To perfect your layout, we also offer you tables, benches and backless benches, chairs and standing seats, flowerboxes and suspensions, flowering columns, urban gardens.