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Urban cycle rack – C-NATURA
528,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA cycle-rack in stabilizated corten steel, for more durability and design in the urban space.
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Design planter – C-NATURA
2.130,00 AT
Design planter in corten steel, C-NATURA will sublimate your floral arrangements and green your urban space.
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Planter – C-NATURA
1.254,001.578,00 AT
Hybrid between a planter and a flower box, discover C-NATURA with feet, ideal for greening and blooming your city.
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Cylindric planter – Patine
990,004.056,00 AT
Discover Patine, the cylindric planter. Available in painted steel or corten steel, it is the solution to green your urban space.
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Half bowl planter – SQUARE
2.430,006.006,00 AT
SQUARE is also available in shape of a half bowl. In painted steel or corten steel, it is an ideal solution for an atypical urban space.
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Bowl planter – SQUARE
3.780,008.028,00 AT
Find out SQUARE, uban planter in the shape of a bowl. Modern, it is ideal to complement your urban landscape.
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Bevelled bowl-shaped planter – SQUARE
3.780,008.598,00 AT
Opt for a very elaborate design with SQUARE, the bevelled bowl-shaped planter. The ideal flower box for an atypical urban environment.
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Urban garden – C-NATURA
2.844,0016.566,00 AT
Here is the urban garden from the C-NATURA range. In painted steel or corten steel, it is design and useful because it is without basis.
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Public bench – C-NATURA
1.872,00 AT
Discover C-NATURA, the public bench with bevelled seat, made of stabilizated corten steel, it is suitable for urban nature.
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Backless bench C-NATURA
1.272,00 AT
Here is the C-NATURA bevelled backless bench with a bamboo seat. It fits perfectly with the urban envionment.
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Public bench – SYNERGIE
488,40926,40 AT
Choose the public bench SYNERGIE in steel, the simplicity to landscape your urban space. Available with 3 seat finishes.
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Backless bench – SYNERGIE
374,40696,00 AT
Discover our SYNERGIE public backless bench, the simplicity to landscape urban space. Available in 4 colours and 3 seat finishes.
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Anti-attack urban bin – C-NATURA
816,00 AT
Choose the anti-attack urban public bin C-NATURA in corten steel with bag holder. The fixing is to embed and the container is 80 liters.
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Steel tree grate – C-NATURA
1.056,002.748,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA tree grate, in painted or corten steel, with design pattern, available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.
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Public barrier – C-NATURA
432,00600,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA urban barrier in stabilizated corten steel. Available in several materials, it will fit in the urban space.
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Bollard – C-NATURA
216,00276,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA bollard in stabilizated corten steel and wood, to embed, on base plate or by sleeve. It will add nature in the city.
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Brise vue – Acier corten
539,351.457,46 AT
Avec ses fixations au sol, les brises vues et leurs multiples fonctionnalités sont les solutions idéales pour aménager de manières novatrices un espace.
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Rectangular planter – Corten steel
394,801.453,20 AT
Our bottomless rectangular planters come in a range of sizes and materials for stylish, long-lasting layouts.
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Round bottomless planter
225,601.480,80 AT
Our bottomless, round, panelled planters come in a range of sizes and materials for stylish, long-lasting layouts.
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Square bottomless planter
366,001.908,00 AT
Our bottomless square planters are available in a range of sizes and materials for stylish, long-lasting layouts.
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Corten steel standard and bespoke street furniture

Choosing corten street furniture, is choosing originality. A daring choice resulting in a unique aesthetic. Corten steel lives, evolves and adapts itself to its environment. This material combines simultaneously steel and the warm aspect we are not used to assign to metal.

Corten steel is a traditional steel in its structure, composed of iron and carbon. It is different in the adding of various elements causing the forming of a top layer of rust. Indeed, we find in it phosphorus, copper and nickel. Therefore, according to the weather, an oxide layer will be formed. The latter is said “auto protective” in the way that it protects the deep steel piece.

Also called patina, this top layer tint itself from orange to brown shades. Insofar, more the weather is wet and cloudy, more the corten will be dark. Thus, your equipment will probably be brown. On the contrary, more the environment is dry and sunny, more the equipment will be in yellow or orange shades. We consider that patina takes 1 to 3 years to be formed. It will be mature when there will be no marks while touching it.

Based on our experience, we offer you “A” corten. Indeed, it is less porous and of a higher quality. Corten steel is worked with folding, bending and welding techniques. It requires thoroughness and detailled knowledges about the material.

Corten street furniture assets

Just like traditional steel, corten steel equipments are robust and strong. Therefore, the street furniture and street equipment could bear the weight of possible impacts. In the same way, it also presents a strong resistance against fire.

The main advantage of a corten steel urban equipment is its incomparable aesthetic. Simultaneously timeless and daring, it brings an unforgettable effect to minds. Its aspect is versatile because it fits any other style! However, each element is unique because it is subject to weather.

Corten street furniture drawbacks

During the patina process, rust sags can appear. By consequence, we advise you against installing it on a bright and porous ground. In the same way, it is to avoid for equipments with direct contact. For example, we can mention bench or else a corten table. Since, corten steel is to favour for elements like signage pannels, planters or even bins; however you have to choose a stabilizated, sanded and activated finish. Moreover, we advise you to apply a stabilizer every 18 months. It is to take in consideration, for the “maintenance” part of the equipments.

We also offer you the sanded finish, it speeds up the patina formation, you’ll then receive your furniture ready to “patinate”. Or else, if you prefer a furniture already with its patina and non stabilizated, the activated sanded version is the solution.

Still, the folding technique doesn’t allow us to offer you corten steel tubes.

The material choice must be done according to your needs. If you’re especially looking for the metal robustness, stainless steel, steel or even zinc can be considered. Unlike the aluminium which is to prefer for its flexibility. The corten steel assures you a strong product, long-lasting and original.

To know the details of other material for street furniture, we invite you to consult the developed characteristics on steel, aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, wood and recycled plastic.