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Emptying plug for Serie A, Jiflor, Sifu®
24,0036,00 AT
Our emptying plugs are adaptable on our Serie A balconny planters and our suspensions Jiflor and Sifu®.
Planting liner in recycled plastic – Série A
36,0048,00 AT
Here is our planting liner to enhance your existing flowerboxes. It is available in several sizes.
Plastic flowerbox, Série A
96,00246,00 AT
The plastic flowerbox SERIE A, made of recyclable polyethylene, is an ideal street furniture to add a green touch to your city and urban space.
Recyclable plastic flowerbox – B950RG
138,00210,00 AT
We offer you the B950RG flowerbox. Ideal to created floral arrangements in the urban space.
Planting liner in recycled plastic – PR800
78,00 AT
Here is our planting liner to enhance your flowerbox PR800.
Recyclable plastic flowerbox – PR800
180,00378,00 AT
Set the mood with the PR800 polyethylene flowerbox, classic and linear, it will decorate your barriers and wall flowers.
Planting liner in recycled plastic – Jiflor
36,0042,00 AT
Here is our planting liner to enhance your existing suspensions. It is available in several sizes.
Planting liner in recycled plastic – Sifu
30,0042,00 AT
Here is our planting liner to enhance your existing suspensions. It is available in several sizes.
Recyclable plastic suspension – Jiflor
144,00492,00 AT
For a bit of greenery, choose the floral suspension JIFLOR, in polyethylene, available in several colours with accessories.
Recyclable plastic suspension – Sifu®
114,00540,00 AT
Set the mood with a qualitative street furniture, with the SIFU plastic suspension, in polypropylene, available with its accessories and many sizes.
Recyclable plastic Balcony planter – Cloveg
144,00168,00 AT
Enjoy the Cloveg polyethylene balcony planter, to decorate your space with plants and floral arrangements.
Recyclable plastic Balcony planter – Extravase
102,00132,00 AT
A bit of greenery in the city? Choose the Extravase balcony planter in recyclable polyethylene available in several colours.

Flowerboxes and suspensions for outdoor layouts

In the urban environment, it is necessary and opportune to bring back nature. Shrubs and various plants flourish in orangery planters, planters and pots. About flowers, they can blossom in suspended flowerboxes : balcony planters and suspensions. True visual delight, they embellish spaces bringing colour and cheerfulness.

Suspended flowerboxes and balcony planters are aerial flowering solutions offering many benefits. Especially adapted to urban environment, they allow to flower public space without intruding on it. Attentive to environmental needs and constraints, ATECH offers you innovative but also adapted solutions. Thus, if rectangular flowerboxes are expected and classical, we are changing codes to offer you, also, original products.

Is the suspended flowerbox is a flowering street furniture especially adapted, it is for several reasons. First, it answers the space limitations, when we want to embellish and flower, without having space for it. Then, it protects your flowers against possible acts of vandalism such as robbery or degradation.

Balcony planters and suspended flowerboxes are a final point, the culmination of greening and the climax of flowering. It is the adaptation of “it’s all about details” to delight users. They are then feeling surrounded by flowers, to their great delight.

Suspended flowerbox

Our range of suspended flowerboxes adapts to every need (a wall, a ledge, a balcony or street lamps). For that, we offer different fixing supports.

Single or double, we realize them in recyclable polypropylene. You have the choice of the colour as well as the size. We deliver them with an overflow water reserve, drain plug and removable drainage grid. The planting liner is, about it, optional. Regarding the suspension system, the chain is in galvanized steel.

The suspended flowers maintenance is specific, that’s why we offer you an eventual automatic watering system.

Balcony planters

We offer various models of balcony planters, with different shapes and sizes. Regarding the material, we chose to decline them in plastic, for its lightness and lastinf. About the fixing system, it is in steel or plastic, according to the models.

Balcony planters can be set up everywhere! Walls, grids or barriers, they bring charm to purely functional street furniture. In order to adapt ourselves to your needs, balcony planters have, also, a water reserve, a drainage grid. The removable planting liner and fixing support are in option. Furthermore, you can have bespoke balcony planters customizing the shape, the colour and the size.

Practical and aesthtical, the aerial flowering furniture has many advantages! If you want other original flowering solutions, the columns and urban gardens can be adequate.

Specialized in urban flowering furniture, greening city spaces is important to us. In order to cover and answer your needs, we also offer a complete range of equipment. It is composed, among others, of tables, benches and backless benches, chairs and standing seats.