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Truncated and pyramid shaped planter – HEDERA

1.350,003.336,00 AT
More than an innovative and atypical shae, the truncated and pyramid shaped planter HEDERA is a relevant solution of street furniture.
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Pyramidal planter – Kesa

1.428,003.834,00 AT
Equip the city with high-quailty street furniture, the Kesa planter. Available in smooth laminated wood or smooth steel.
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Recycled plastic planting liner

204,00636,00 AT
Here is our planting liner to enhance your existing planters. It is available in several sizes.
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Curved urban planter – Concave

1.656,003.336,00 AT
Set the mood with the urban planter Concave, flowering furniture, and complement your urban space with plants and trees.
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Planter – Mosaïque

3.228,006.876,00 AT
Discover our planter Mosaïque. Atypical, it adapts perfectly to the urban environment.
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Truncated and pyramid shaped planter – Atempo

1.620,003.336,00 AT
With its original form, the truncated and pyramid shaped planter Atempo is ideal in urban space. Available in multiple sizes.
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Octogonal planter – Octogone

1.200,004.494,00 AT
Add an atypical shape in the urban area with the planter Octogone. An ideal design solution for floral culture.
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Design planter – C-NATURA

2.130,00 AT
Design planter in corten steel, C-NATURA will sublimate your floral arrangements and green your urban space.
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Public bench – HEDERA

2.148,00 AT
Discover HEDERA, public bench with a flowering possibility. The seat is offered in laminated wood for a bi-material design.
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Planter – C-NATURA

1.884,002.358,00 AT
Hybrid between a planter and a flower box, discover C-NATURA with feet, ideal for greening and blooming your city.
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Design planter – Eole

1.878,002.634,00 AT
Eole, this planter is designed for flower growing in urban space. It is equipped with accessories (planting liner, feet, etc.) for better management.
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Orangery planter – DUALIS PASTEL

1.812,004.320,00 AT
With the DUALIS orangery planter, adorn the urban space with beautiful trees and floral design
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Planter for orange trees – Cléo

1.914,003.792,00 AT
Discover Cléo, the planter which looks like an orangery planter. Atypical but classical, it perfectly fits in the urban area.
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Console – GAÏA

804,00 AT
Discover the GAÏA console, a product incorporating a planter and an insect hotel to plant and encourage the development of biodiversity.
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Free standing planters – GAÏA

588,00648,00 AT
Discover GAÏA's free-standing planters, a piece of furniture that incorporates an insect hotel into its structure to encourage biodiversity.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Rectiligne

246,00396,00 AT
The Rectiligne flower pot will ideally complement your urban decor. It can also be used as a flowerbox.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Quadri

324,00384,00 AT
Discover Quadri, recyclable flower pot, ideal for your floral arrangements and urban decorations. Available in 18 colours.
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Urban garden – Prisme

3.036,0035.604,00 AT

Planted surface area: 2.220 m² à 15.100 m²

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Urban garden – Oasis

6.084,0017.244,00 AT
Oasis is an ideal street furniture, equally in the botanical aspect than its usefulness with its laminated wodd seats.
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Urban garden – SQUARE

2.784,0019.656,00 AT
Choose SQUARE, one of our many mobile gardens among our urban furniture models. It adapts to all your urban plannings needs.
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Urban Garden – HEDERA

6.492,00 AT
Movable steel planter and laminated wood seat. Equipped with a hollow floor for fork-lifts.
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