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Public bench – PASTEL

1.704,001.836,00 AT
Here is the PASTEL public bench, colourful, it will brighten up your urban context, with its multicoloured slats. It is made of steel.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Gal’B

414,001.482,00 AT
Discover Gal'B, an outdoor flower pot mixing design and ergonomic fit ; with accessories (base plate, planting liner...).
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Table – A-LINÉA

2.820,004.104,00 AT
The A-LINÉA range includes this steel table model with an optional recyclable plastic flower pot.
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Urban cycle rack – SQUARE

276,00348,00 AT
Discover the SQUARE cycle rack. Made of steel, many colours are available with this model, to embed or on base plate.
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Urban garden – Olympe

18.468,00100.416,00 AT
Choose Olympe, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is ideal to create freshness islands.
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Recyclable plastic flowerbox – B950RG

144,00252,00 AT
We offer you the B950RG flowerbox. Ideal to created floral arrangements in the urban space.
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Recyclable plastic Flower pot – Extravase

84,00918,00 AT
Think big with the Extravase Flower pot, available in 6 sizes and 17 colours. To please your eyes, your plants and your landscape.
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Curved urban planter – Concave

1.656,003.336,00 AT
Set the mood with the urban planter Concave, flowering furniture, and complement your urban space with plants and trees.
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Bevelled planter – Biso

1.560,002.640,00 AT
Discover Biso, the bevelled urban planter, ideal for your flower design and the greening of your urban space, with its accessories.
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Triangular planter – Celsus

1.416,002.772,00 AT
A bit of greenery in the city? Take advantage of Celsus street furniture, a triangular steel planter, to green and flower your urban space.
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Planter for orange trees – Cléo

1.914,003.636,00 AT
Discover Cléo, the planter which looks like an orangery planter. Atypical but classical, it perfectly fits in the urban area.
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Cylindric planter – Patine

990,004.056,00 AT
Discover Patine, the cylindric planter. Available in painted steel or corten steel, it is the solution to green your urban space.
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Conical planter – Perga

840,004.194,00 AT
Here is Perga, the conical urban planter, ideal solution for the flowering of your urban space. Equipped with a planting liner and other optional accessories.
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Conical planter – Extrabac

1.170,004.632,00 AT
Discover Extrabac, the conical planter which, with its design look, will fit pefectly in your urban environment.
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Conical planter – A-LINÉA

1.380,004.674,00 AT
Here is the A-LINEA planter, ideal for floral design. Made of a steel cone, it will please the city with its colourful touch.
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Conical planter – PASTEL

1.686,004.908,00 AT
With the PASTEL planter, nothing's better than a warm and colourful touch in your urban space.
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Composter – Idylle

7.920,00 AT
Discover Idylle, a reusable piece of furniture. This public composter is ideal for greening and enlivening urban spaces.
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Conical planter – Contrario

1.674,006.036,00 AT
With an aesthetic design, discover the conical planter Contrario, offering an adequat space for the floral culture in urban environment.
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Urban garden – Contrario

11.520,00 AT
Discover the Contrario urban garden with shade, available with shade sail or plant shade.
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Urban Garden – Sustineo

1.944,003.216,00 AT
Discover the Sustineo range, a modular urban garden that adapts to all types of space. It can be fitted with a range of options: shade and panels. There's also a flower box.
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Half bowl planter – SQUARE

2.430,006.006,00 AT
SQUARE is also available in shape of a half bowl. In painted steel or corten steel, it is an ideal solution for an atypical urban space.
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