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Anti-attack public bin – ORIGAMI

384,00504,00 AT
Discover the anti-attack public bin ORIGAMI, in painted or stainless steel, it is included with a bag holder for cleanliness.

Steel tree grate – HEDERA

1.056,002.748,00 AT
Discover the tree grate with the HEDERA design. Available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses, it is made of steel and offers aestheticism, security.

Steel tree grate – A-LINÉA

1.140,002.820,00 AT
The A-LINÉA tree grate is made of steel with decorative cuts. It is available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.

Steel tree grate – SQUARE

1.140,002.820,00 AT
Discover our steel tree grate with the SQUARE design to dress the urban spaces. Available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.

Steel tree grate – C-NATURA

1.056,002.748,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA tree grate, in painted or corten steel, with design pattern, available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.

Steel tree grate – DUALIS

1.056,002.748,00 AT
Choose the DUALIS steel tree grate, with flat iron and design pattern, it is available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.

Steel tree grate – ORIGAMI

1.056,003.552,00 AT
Discover the ORIGAMI tree grate with its design. This street furniture in steel or stainless steel is available in 3 sizes and 3 thicknesses.

Public barrier – HEDERA

750,00822,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA security barrier with flowerbox and stainless steel ropes to green the public space.

Public barrier – PASTEL

744,00816,00 AT
New coloured asset in the urban space, the PASTEL steel public barrier, ideal to flower public spaces.

Public treillis barrier – A-LINÉA

666,00816,00 AT
Choose the A-LINÉA public barrier with its treillis and integrated flowerbox for a green public space.

Public treillis barrier – DUALIS

666,00816,00 AT
Choose the DUALIS urban barrier, with steel treillis avec included flowerbox for a flowering design of the public space.

Public barrier – SQUARE

744,00816,00 AT
The SQUARE public barrier is a street furniture in painted steel and recyclable plastic. For a more dynamic city, choose the two-tone colour.

Public treillis barrier – C-NATURA

666,00816,00 AT
The C-NATURA security barrier with treillis connects security and aesthetism thanks to its integrated flowerbox.

Public treillis barrier – HEDERA

666,00816,00 AT
Discover the HEDERA public barrier with its treillis and its included recyclable polypropylene flowerbox.

Treillis public barrier – ORIGAMI

744,00984,00 AT
Discover the ORIGAMI public barrier, available in painted steel or stainless steel. Ideal to secure the city and to green it.

Public barrier – C-NATURA

432,00600,00 AT
Choose the C-NATURA urban barrier in stabilizated corten steel. Available in several materials, it will fit in the urban space.

Public barrier with square posts – SYNERGIE

182,40199,20 AT
Discover the security barrier with square posts from the range SYNERGIE. Equipped with square posts, it is available in several colours.

Public barrier with round posts – SYNERGIE

306,00322,80 AT
Discover the SYNERGIE public barrier in painted steel with round posts. Classical, it matches with these posts.


516,00540,00 AT
Choose among our HEDEA steel posts equipped with stainless steel ropes as floral support for more elegance in the urban space.

Bollard – HEDERA

516,00540,00 AT
Discover the bollard from the HEDERA serie. Manufactured in steel and equipped with a stainless steel rope, it will green the urban space.

Bollard – ORIGAMI

300,00444,00 AT
The ORIGAMI bollard is offered in painted steel or stainless steel. This high-quality street furniture will know how to fit in the urban landscape.