As green street furniture specialist, ATECH understands the constrainst and the needs that nature in the city requires. Then, water is a major point. Consequently, ATECH offer you water management solutions for sustainable greening.

First, we offer you water reserves with overflow in all our culture tubs. It allows your plants installed in our steel planters, our flower pots or urban gardens, to have autonomy by limiting waterings.

Then, some of our options allow an even more relevant water management. Indeed, on our historical products such as balcony planters and suspensions, we offer an integrated watering system. This is expressed in the form of watering rings. These can be set to semi-automatic and are then equipped with adjustable micro-sprinklers to discharge from 0 to 70 litres of water per hour. Alternatively, we also offer automatic watering rings with self-regulating drippers that deliver 4 litres of water per hour. The water is supplied either via a tank (semi-automatic watering) or via the mains (integrated watering).

More than our greening products, our urban equipments also allow a great water management. In particular, the B-MAX green shelter created by Signaux Girod in collaboration with ATECH. This urban shelter, for bicycles and/or travellers, is equipped with gutters that feed directly into the planters installed on the sides. This allows for self-management of the watering of the plants within these containers.

Finally, our collaboration with Urban Canopee on the Corolla product allow us to offer an innovative option for sustainable watering management. It is the Sensopee Box.

This solution, which consists of a box and multiple sensors, is installed in the soil and water supply of the planting containers. These sensors are then connected to a mobile application and a web portal to which the technicians have access. This makes it possible to remotely transcribe the plant’s water requirements according to the level remaining in the overflow as well as the hydrometry of the soil. This tool revolutionises water management for green space technicians who then save time and water.

Finally, all of these options answer the actual issues of water preservation for a more sustainable world.



Water savings



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The products

Octogonal planter – Octogone

1.068,004.494,00 AT
Add an atypical shape in the urban area with the planter Octogone. An ideal design solution for floral culture.
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Urban garden – Prisme

3.036,0035.604,00 AT
Choose Prisme, one of our many urban gardens. Combining steel and wood, it is the ideal way to create freshness islands.
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Plastic flowerbox, Série A

114,00306,00 AT
The plastic flowerbox SERIE A, made of recyclable polyethylene, is an ideal street furniture to add a green touch to your city and urban space.
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