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Cube-shaped planter – SYNERGIE

792,002.424,00 AT

A bit of flower culture in the city? Discover SYNERGIE, a cube-shaped planter, as its name suggests, to stay in linear forms.

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Octogonal planter – Octogone

996,004.224,00 AT
Add an atypical shape in the urban area with the planter Octogone. An ideal design solution for floral culture.
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Bevelled planter – Biso

1.560,002.640,00 AT
Discover Biso, the bevelled urban planter, ideal for your flower design and the greening of your urban space, with its accessories.
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Triangular planter – Celsus

1.416,002.772,00 AT
A bit of greenery in the city? Take advantage of Celsus street furniture, a triangular steel planter, to green and flower your urban space.
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Conical planter – Perga

780,003.948,00 AT
Here is Perga, the conical urban planter, ideal solution for the flowering of your urban space. Equipped with a planting liner and other optional accessories.
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Conical planter – Extrabac

1.092,004.356,00 AT
Discover Extrabac, the conical planter which, with its design look, will fit pefectly in your urban environment.
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Conical planter – A-LINÉA

1.290,004.164,00 AT
Here is the A-LINEA planter, ideal for floral design. Made of a steel cone, it will please the city with its colourful touch.
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Conical planter – PASTEL

1.578,004.626,00 AT
With the PASTEL planter, nothing's better than a warm and colourful touch in your urban space.
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Conical planter – Contrario

1.560,004.416,00 AT
With an aesthetic design, discover the conical planter Contrario, offering an adequat space for the floral culture in urban environment.
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