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Plastic flowerbox, Série A

96,00246,00 AT
The plastic flowerbox SERIE A, made of recyclable polyethylene, is an ideal street furniture to add a green touch to your city and urban space.

Recyclable plastic flowerbox – B950RG

138,00210,00 AT
We offer you the B950RG flowerbox. Ideal to created floral arrangements in the urban space.

Recyclable plastic flowerbox – PR800

180,00378,00 AT
Set the mood with the PR800 polyethylene flowerbox, classic and linear, it will decorate your barriers and wall flowers.

Recyclable plastic suspension – Jiflor

144,00492,00 AT
For a bit of greenery, choose the floral suspension JIFLOR, in polyethylene, available in several colours with accessories.

Recyclable plastic suspension – Sifu®

114,00540,00 AT
Set the mood with a qualitative street furniture, with the SIFU plastic suspension, in polypropylene, available with its accessories and many sizes.